Enterprise Solutions

We provide different software solutions for different businesses. Tailor-made software that will help you in your business processes. A few we have on hand have been listed below. However we are open to developing whatever is required by our clients.


Pizarea.com is the flagship product of Source Code Network Limited. It is an online food ordering and delivery platform that enables customers to access nearby restaurants, browse their menu, place orders with them and have it delivered to their doorstep. There are several restaurants on the platform with varieties of menu items available including pizza, local foods and continental dishes. Pizarea is available as a mobile app (download on Play store, App store & App Gallery) and a web app (www.pizarea.com). For customers’ convenience a unique short code (*920*61#) is also assigned for order placement. You can order online from anywhere in Accra and Tema and expect delivery in minutes after your order is placed.

Attendance Management System

This system is to help HRs and Administrators to keep track of their employees’ attendance. A device is installed to record employee check-in/out daily. From this system you can check absenteeism and lateness. There’s an employee management app that comes with this system. From this app employees can request for leave in the form of annual leave, maternity leave, permission to leave work early or to come to work late. Customization is available for this system.

Church Management System

A system for churches that will allow them to manage the following processes: Tithe and other collections, membership, announcements, donations, upcoming events etc. This solution is made to fit most churches whether small or large to make church management very easy.

Point of Sale Software

Our software is a great option for all merchants to manage their purchases and sales as well as their inventory. It can be customized to fit client requirements.

Restaurant Management System

To manage all restaurant processes from the POS to the Kitchen to Delivery. A system that keeps your customers updated every step of the way until they receive their orders. It includes inventory management, POS, kitchen management, customer and client management as well as many other modules that have been developed to make the ordering process seamless. It is ideal for new restaurants and large restaurant chains.

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