Call Center Management

The call center system comes with the following features: contact management, caller identification, call logs, call recording , missed calls etc. Additional features may be added depending on what the business requires. We provide Voice over IP (VOIP) services that allows you to make calls via internet instead of a regular phone line. We have additional services for Interactive Voice Response (IVR) which can be customized for call queue management. We can also add jingles or advertisment to keep customers entertained/ informed whiles on hold.

USSD Development:

In the age where most people are used to short-codes, it is always essential that businesses use these codes as an addon. You get to reach all customers, those with smartphones and those without it. We can tailor it to suit your needs.

Mobile & Web App Developmeent

Mobile App development on all platforms including Android, iOS, Huawei. Websites and Web application development is also available for all businesses.


An SMS broadcast platform that helps you send messages at the same time to multiple contacts. Kodesms can be accessed via the website where you can sign up and start messaging almost immediately. Aside it being a standalone product, it is an addon for most of the systems we develop because we realize that information dissemination for our clients and their customers is very essential. We have API ready for integration with any business that may need to send messages directly from their existing systems to their customers.

Technical Support & IT Consultancy

You can also contact us for any form of IT support, cloud support, payment integration and ERP solutions and general IT consultancy.

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