Our Products

These are some of the products developed by Source Code Network Limited.


Pizarea has been in existence since late 2015. Initially Pizarea was developed as an online ordering platform for pizza. As the years went on, the focus was changed from including only pizza restaurants to encompass all types of restaurants offering different cuisines. Pizarea initially started with about two restaurants; Eddys Pizza and Papa’s Pizza at the end of 2015. At the end of 2016 we had about 18 restaurants on our platform. We can boast of over 100 restaurants currently on Pizarea. these restaurants includes Eddys Pizza, Papa’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Pizza Inn etc. The number keeps increasing as the months grow on.


An Ecommerce platform where buyers can explore and purchase different varieties of products ranging from electronics to safety equipment to fashion accessories. It is an online marketplace that provides the same sense of satisfaction derived from visiting an actual market. You can shop online wherever you are and at any time of the day. You can order via the website www.shopdydy.com or via the ShopDydy mobile app.

Kode SMS

SMS broadcasts have become vital to most businesses as a way to reach out to customers. KodeSMS was developed to help clients broadcast sms to a large pull of customers without hassle. You can send schedule a blast, send personalized birthday messages as well as many other things all in one space. Visit www.kodesms.com to view SMS Rates and to create an account to start messaging.

Sending bulk messages
Support for birthday alerts
Import contacts from other platforms (Examples; Google, Outlook)

Restaurant Management System

It has become imperative to for most restaurants to have software that will help them manage their establishment. Source Code has developed an effective restaurant management system that will help you track your inventory, create invoices, communicate orders to and from your kitchens etc

Attendance Management

Managing attendance at church and other events.

Contactless Digital Menu

Displays QR code which allows customers scan with their smart phones to view menu.


Access wifi using QR Code – You don’t need to know the password to login; all you need to do is scan and enjoy wifi.

Restaurant Reservation System

Display number of seats available for reservation.
Display seat location in the restaurant.
Gives you the opportunity to check seat availability.
Gives you the opportunity to reserve a seat at your own specified time within the restaurant’s working hours.


Notable Restaurants