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About Us

To be the best global information technology provider offering sound solutions.

Superior standard and great customer services.

Striving to be the global leader in providing information technology solutions.

To solve the everyday problem of the everyday people.

Great Teamwork

Effective Customer Service

Efficient Service Delivery

Who We Are

Source Code Network Limited is an IT firm based in Accra, Ghana. We do our best to come up with easy to use solutions suited perfectly to the needs of our clients. We believe that everything is possible and can be brought to being with technology. Our mandate is to achieve what most deem impossible with using existing and new technology. Our clients’ needs are paramount and we do our best to make everything requested possible. We are the Go-to people for all IT solutions

What We Do

We are best known for mobile and web app development, VOIP integration, USSD Development as well as Technical support services. However, feel free to contact us for any other IT solution that may not have been listed in the above. We are open to creating the impossible for our clients…



Our Team


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