Ceramic magnet and brass baseplate for powerful, punchy tone to match the solid nato wood construction of RS320. Reacquainting ourselves with Revstar reminds us that this is a well-sorted design that certainly leans on the Gibson side of the tone tracks with a surprisingly characterful feel. 1 Kund . There are echoes of Yamaha’s past designs in the Revstar: the outline isn’t a million miles away from the Super Fighter series or the classic SG series, which really put Yamaha on the electric guitar map. The Japanese company has, of course, updated its superb double cut SG, Pacifica, RG and SA ranges extensively, but the new Revstar guitar is … 7 699 SEK. The Revstar guitar range was the result of the longest and most expensive development of any Yamaha electric ever and the company’s first new electric guitar design for over a decade. 5 799 SEK. Once this treatment is complete, the guitar responds accurately to the guitarist's performance, and produces sound more easily. If we’re honest, though, that’s the only minor blip to be found in what is an extremely well-considered contemporary design. This model and the 702B are the only new vibrato-loaded Revstar models and the licensed B50 is the obvious choice, along with its rear-locking tuners. €461.21. [8.4k (neck) /8.8k (bridge) DCR], Alnico V magnet, German silver baseplate and heavy formvar wire for bright, powerful, balanced vintage/modern sound. 2.28mm wide with a height just a shade over 1mm. 1 . It manages to perfectly blend together a modern design with the feel of a classic 60's singlecut but with some of the characters you would have found on semi hollow guitars at the time. You will receive a verification email shortly. Please refresh the page and try again. Ingen kund har skrivit ett omdöme på ditt språk. 11 . Workhorse looks combined with a deep belly cut, all-new neck joint and forearm contour for all-night comfort. Inspired by custom bike parts, Revstar's hardware features unique designs engineered from the finest materials. powered by . 1. 1 Customer . 7 499 SEK. The headstock was inspired by Yamaha’s SA-15 from 1966. Featuring that familiar Revstar doublecut design, with a handbrushed satin finish, a pair of low-powered Filtertron-style humbuckers, and a Bigsby B50 vibrato tailpiece, this guitar just oozes class from every pore. As ever, these might seem like small differences, but your left hand really feels them. Designed especially for Revstar, the Yamaha proprietary Dry Switch gives you the versatility of a coil split, but with tone that's miles ahead. However, the same brushed satin tune-o-matic as the non-vibrato models is used here, too, which might not have been the best choice, as we’ll see…. Tuning stability with Bigsby may need some attention. Yamaha Revstar RS320 Vintage White. Utformad för att leverera raffinerad spelbarhet och oöverträffad klarhet, är RS720BX en gitarr som kräver fantasin hos den kreativa spelaren. As we describe, this model doesn’t hold its tuning perfectly, even after considerable string stretching, so unless you’re handy with your setup tools, we’d suggest swapping the bridge for a tune-o-matic with friction-reducing or roller saddles. *This is a graphic representation of the effects of Initial Response Acceleration. 5 . The 720BX uses the VH5+ humbuckers that are also used on the 820CR and the 620. It also shortens the time needed for the guitar to adapt to your playing style. View Similar Amazon US. Yamaha Revstar RS620 Burnt Charcoal. The thin 5mm-thick maple tops, all edge-bound with the same cream plastic, are where the colours alter in the gloss Vintage White and Black of the 720BX and the 702B, and the hand-brushed satin of the 502TFMX, while the 820CR’s top is mostly satin but with a couple of central gloss stripes. Yamaha Revstar RS620 Burnt Charcoal. The new Revstars share the same build, but any wood identification is near impossible to see - with the exception of the stained and sanded flame maple veneer of the most affordable 502TFMX. 4 . Both sound really good for less crunchy tones, especially on the pickup mix, too. We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices. That said, within this very unified design, each of our review samples has a noticeably different voice, thanks to different pickups and bridge combinations. Like everything else, prices have edged upwards since then, not least the upper-level models like the 820CR, which now retail at £995. Yamaha spent a lot of time fine-tuning the pickups in the Revstar series — they tested over 50 prototypes before settling on the perfect combination of wire, windings, magnets, and baseplates for each guitar model in the series. The branding is simply that circular tuning fork logo badge on the headstock face, small lower-case ‘ygd’ (Yamaha Guitar Division) on the pickup covers, and on the rear of the headstock there’s a Japanese Hanko stamp-like decal that means ‘Revstar’.

yamaha revstar 720bx

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