But so was information. All in all, America created more than 200,000 propaganda poster designs during the war, and you can find some of the most striking in the gallery above. This award-winning poster by freelance illustrator Hubert Rogers depicts a soldier with a machine gun, an industrial worker with a rivet gun, and a woman with a hoe. The Propaganda POSTERS of WWII When you think of the weapons of WWII, what comes to mind? Since I loved playing WW2 video games as a kid, and watching a good WW2 about the epic Eastern Front (Russians vs. Germans), I was quite excited to share these Translated World War 2 USSR/Communist Propaganda Posters. While today this poster is considered one of the most iconic U.S. propaganda posters of all time, it was not widely circulated during World War II when it first appeared. Yes, all of these were important tools in the effort to win the war. After this look at World War 2 propaganda, check out 35 fascinating World War 1 Propaganda Posters . In this case, government issued information. Over the course of the war the U.S. Bullets, machine-guns, and grenade launchers? Planes, tanks, money? As a side note, these translations are provided through a professional Russian to English translation service.

ww2 propaganda posters with explanation

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