Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable Richard Feynman: A professor of physics from 1951 until his death in 1988, Feynman won his scientific renown through the development of quantum electrodynamics, or QED, a theory describing the interaction of particles and atoms in radiation fields. The California Institute of Technology developed from a local school of arts and crafts founded in Pasadena in 1891 by the Honorable Amos G. Throop, wealthy abolitionist and former Chicago politician. He worked as a programmer at IBM for three years followed, by year-long stints at Sybase, MicroUnity and Silicon Graphics. 2. Ivan Sutherland and Carver Mead, and Control + … In 1936, GALCIT’s Rocket Research Project was created, which led to US government financial support in 1939 to research rocket-assisted take-off of aircraft. 6. Who was Caltech's first Nobel laureate? FEM Inc.View ProfileFollow, Gil Elbaz-  California Institute of Technology. by Patrick Hechinger. Caltech's first PhD was awarded to Roscoe Dickinson in chemistry in 1920, who went on to become a chemistry professor at Caltech and was the doctoral advisor to Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and to Arnold O. Beckman, inventor of the pH meter. Caltech's Applied Physics program was founded by faculty who could foresee research subjects not represented in traditional engineering and physics programs. History + Facts. He co-founded HST solar in 2012 with Santanov Chaudhuri and still serves as the company’s President. In 1930, Theodore von Karman was invited to become its first director, until his retirement in 1949. He currently serves as CEO. Cole earned a degree in Engineering from Oberlin College in 2006 before heading to Caltech for another Engineering degree in 2011. This photograph, taken at Woods Hole in 1920, is from an album created by A. H. Sturtevant, now in the Caltech Archives. Wiley Post completes first solo flight around the world, July 1933; 7 days, 19 hours. William A. Fowler: He spent many years at Caltech, first receiving his PhD in nuclear physics in 1936, followed by being appointed associate professor in 1942 and professor in 1946, and finally Institute Professor of Physics in 1970, which he held until his retirement in 1982. B. Scherer. There are 6 main divisions: biology and biological engineering; chemistry and chemical engineering; engineering and applied science; geological and planetary sciences; the humanities and social sciences; and physics, mathematics, and astronomy. Exceptional IT. After Shop Hers was acquired by Tradesy, he founded Hollar in 2015 where he serves as President and CTO. Einstein was a visiting professor at Caltech for three winter terms only — 1931, 1932, and 1933. A graduate of the 1999 class at Caltech, Bhundari co-founded Skyfire in 2006. He founded JumpStart in 1991, Citysearch in 1995, Idealab in 1996, Energy Innovations in 2000, Evolution Robotics in 2001,TweetUp in 2010 and UberMedia in 2010. Here are 11 Caltech alumni that have left their mark: Editor's note: This list is exclusively comprised of alumni who founded local digital tech companies in Los Angeles. ©2015 In 1892 the campus was moved to a site bordered by Raymond Avenue to the west and Chestnut Street to the south. FactualView ProfileFollow Los Angeles universities are renowned for producing top-tier tech talent and entrepreneurs. This list of organizations founded by graduates of Caltech - California Institute of Technology provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Let us know! The mission of the California Institute of Technology is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. DuBridge, the head of MIT’s wartime radar project, became Caltech’s new president in 1946. Jin received his Ph. Meghana Bhatt -  Khuu received a degree in Engineering & Applied Science from Caltech in 1998 before heading to UCLA for his MBA. Caltech is a science and engineering research and education institution. CalTech | 2,287 followers on LinkedIn. Computing + Mathematical Sciences emerged in late 2009 under the aegis of the Engineering and Applied Science Division Chair Ares Rosakis from three academic options offered in the Division: Applied + Computational Mathematics (ACM) founded in 1967 by Prof. Gerald Whitham, Computer Science (CS) created in 1975 by Profs. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is a federally funded research and development center managed and operated by Caltech under a contract from NASA, a partnership that began in 1958. The Douglas DC-1, DC-2 development begins. 5. Who received Caltech's first doctoral degree? Caltech became the California Institute of Technology on February 10, 1920. 11. After an unintended explosion occurred on campus, the group and its experiments relocated to an isolated area next to the San Gabriel Mountains, the present-day site of JPL. 1933. George Ellery Hale: Playing a major role in transforming the Throop Polytechnic Institute into the California Institute of Technology—a distinguished school of research and teaching in science and engineering—in 1906 Hale became a trustee of Throop and was instrumental in inviting Robert Millikan to lead Caltech. In 1961 the name was changed when two new laboratories, the Firestone Flight Sciences Laboratory and the Karman Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Jet Propulsion were established, thus creating the new GALCIT—Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology. He would go on to create solar-powered aircraft such as the Gossamer Penguin and the Solar Challenger.

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