There was a problem. ], The "Maine Monster" was a media sensation, making international news and spawing speculation. Shoebills are abnormally tall, with some individuals reaching heights of over 4 feet. 2. TURNER, Maine – Residents are wondering if an animal found dead over the weekend may be the mysterious creature that has mauled dogs, … Fish and Wildlife Service / Wikimedia Commons. The beast is said to attack and kill pets, especially dogs. The state’s 33,414 square miles include an interior that is made up mostly of forest area, which provides the perfect habitat for many mammals, birds and fish. And here are a bull and cow moose together. While we’re continuing to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, we don’t expect or encourage you to go check them out immediately. The only difference is that in this case (unlike, say, Bigfoot or chupacabra) we actually have a carcass to positively identify. Shoebill. Thank you! Take a look and see if you’ve spotted them all. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? Though it had four legs and resembled a dog, Michelle O'Donnell, a neighbor, was certain that the creature was not a dog. According to University of Maine scientist Irv Kornfield, the beast "has all the indicators to link it to being from Canis, a dog. There’s a town in Maine where 83% of the population speaks French. Once, on their way to the Libby Mausoleum, three friends faced a forceful wind restricting their way to go to the cemetery. [ has a photo of the creature. No shock here: The shoebill stork has, well ... a bill shaped like a shoe. Receive news and offers from our other brands? NY 10036. And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: Michelle has lived in many places, but counts Maine as one of the best. Sensing that she had an amazing find—perhaps even the long-sought mystery beast—she took photos of it which were published in the local newspaper and posted online. The Atlantic Puffin can be … © Yet this is an excellent example of a typical lake monster or Bigfoot sighting: A person sees something he or she doesn't recognize, and concludes that the animal is an unknown creature. Makes sense considering all the Sasquatch sightings reported here. Stay up to date on the coronavirus outbreak by signing up to our newsletter today. If you have any photos of great wildlife in our state, please share them with us in the comments or on the Only in Maine Facebook Page. We might be most famous for our moose population, it IS our state animal after all, but there are so many other wonderful species that keep animal lovers on the lookout for the next exciting photo opportunity. Hagerty Ryan, U.S. ", Thus the matter was settled, for all but the most die-hard of believers. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. What did we miss? We believe that supporting local attractions is important now more than ever and we hope our articles inspire your future adventures! Just like any other cemetery, this one is a quiet place where people have encountered mysterious incidents beyond any explanation. Off the northwest coast of Maine is an island called Machias Seal Island. The person who owned the beast insisted that the animal was not canine and that a dog specimen had mysteriously been switched for the actual sample he sent. And what of the "real" Maine Monster, the one with the eerie cry and glowing eyes? The creature appeared mostly blue; it had blue eyes, blue lips, and charcoal-colored fur. For questions, comments and inquiries please email: Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! (Op-Ed), Wide-eyed prehistoric shark hid its sharpest teeth in nightmare jaws, Catch the full moon (and a penumbral eclipse) on Monday. On the message boards at the monster-hunting Web site, the mystery beast was a hot topic. The creature appeared mostly blue; it had blue eyes, blue lips, and charcoal-colored fur. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Benjamin Radford is managing editor of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine and co-author of "Lake Monster Mysteries.". Also of note about this amazing animal? This one is a young bull. Finally a sample of the creature was sent to the University of Maine, where DNA analysis concluded that the animal's mother was from the Canis family. – Source. Though it … We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life as we all practice social and physical distancing. The world's only museum exploring the study of hidden or unknown animals such as Yetis, Bigfoot, Lake Monsters, and Sea Serpents, as well as hundreds of other yet-to-be-found animals (cryptids) is located right here in Maine. Other people even suggested that the creature might be the dreaded chupacabra of Latin American lore, the mysterious beast said to drain the blood of pets and livestock. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, Thank you for signing up to Live Science. Loren Coleman maintains that the long-sought creature still lurks in the forests: "I think there is a mystery beast out there in the woods around Turner." Conspiracy theories never die.). If this animal had just been glimpsed as it bounded into a wooded area and not caught (or later found dead), it would remain a mystery monster to be written up in future books on the unexplained. On Aug. 12, a woman in the town of Turner, Maine, found a strange dead animal. And, good news! New York, The seal of Portland, Maine features a phoenix and the motto Resurgam – Latin for I will rise again because it has survived 4 major fires. They were reluctant to leave the spot but had t… While some claimed that the animal was unknown (or a "mutant hybrid"), others suspected it was just an unusual-looking dog. Please refresh the page and try again. The Maine Monster is an object lesson in the ways that people can "create" monsters because of misperceptions or logical fallacies. – Source. Love Maine? 3. Here are 20 photos of wildlife in Maine that can be seen in a variety of areas. 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