Certification is popular subject in tourism and sustainability. Terms and conditions | Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement | Copyright / Credits It is a benchmarking and certification program and has an exclusive license to certify under the Green Globe brand. The certificate, therefore, may not be promoted in a way that associates the individual training participant’s achievement with their business … Some in the industry say it doesn’t address the critical mass while others say it is the only way to stop greenwashing. Certification audits -- An auditor or auditor team makes an on-site visit to evaluate a business’s adoption of sustainability practices against our sustainability standard in order to determine if they meet the requirements to become Preferred by Nature certified. Preferred by Nature offers hotels, inbound and outbound tour operators and other tourism businesses certification and services to help them improve and promote their environmental, social and economic practices. Adélie Penguins: the Little People of the Antarctic. In 2009, a global body was formed the GSTC. Receive marketing and promotional benefits such as use of Rainforest Alliance trademarks. GSTC manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, and acts as the international accreditation body for sustainable tourism certification Prepare for certification by a member of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas or (in the future) a program accredited by the. SmartVoyager certification program is an Ecuadorian nonprofit group — and the Rainforest Alliance, SmartVoyager minimizes the impact of tour boats in the Galapagos Islands by improving social and environmental conditions of boat operations. Marketing Benefits -- Businesses that fulfill certain requirements are eligible to receive promotional benefits, including use of the Rainforest Alliance Certified seal, representation at local and international trade shows and inclusion in promotional websites and printed materials. November 27, 2017 November 27, 2017 Certification Network Sustainable News. FSC™ A000535 | The mark of responsible forestry | www.fsc.org, Sustainable Tourism certification services, Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Tourism Standard for Accommodations, Sustainable Tourism Standard for Tour Operators, Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Learn more about becoming certified by contacting sblanco@preferredbynature.org. Certification in tourism has always been a tumultuous affair and there is continuous debate especially as less than 1% of tourism industry suppliers are certified. Earthcheck – established in 70 countries, this system, called EC3 Global developed the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) out of Australia. To be admitted to the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management program, students must have completed the equivalent of a high school diploma. In late 2008, the global partnership for sustainable tourism criteria was formed. A bachelor’s degree is strongly recommended. Federally funded o… STAH’s Sustainable Tourism Certification Program requires careful examination of each applicant and a wide variation in the type of business that was described in the application. Our certification services for tourism businesses include: Training sessions and audits cover topics such as clean technologies, waste management and recycling, carbon offsets, biodiversity conservation, cultural preservation, gender equality, administration and planning, service quality and green marketing. Ensure the future of its water and energy sources and protect the natural and cultural treasures that draw visitors to the destination. By adopting sustainable practices and becoming certified, a tourism business can: In order to become certified against the Preferred by Nature Standards for Hotel and Lodging Services and Inbound Tour Operators, a tourism business must: Depending on where the business operates, there may be funds available to subsidize the cost of the certification audit, either partially or fully. Our Sustainable Tourism Standards for Hotel and Lodging Services and Inbound Tour Operators are GSTC-Recognized standards, which means they include all of the elements of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Criteria for Hotels and Tour … Those who achieve a 75% pass mark on the STTP Exam will receive a GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism. Give its guests a more authentic and memorable experience and earn customer support and loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability. Find out about upcoming workshops and seminars in your area by contacting sblanco@preferredbynature.org. Improve its competitiveness and reach international markets, which are increasingly demanding sustainable services. Training Modules -- Through one-day seminars and multi-day workshops, we provide the knowledge and tools to manage a tourism business sustainably.

sustainable tourism certification

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