Therefore, if you are not a huge fan of that green, earthy flavor, you may want to test the waters with baby spinach first! We're usually familiar with baby spinach in the grocery store because of its small leaves, tender texture, and sweet taste in comparison with mature, fully formed spinach leaves. Semi-savoy, as the name would suggest, is only partly akin to savoy spinach, while also being part flat leaf! Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. Baby spinach, as the name implies, is standard spinach leaves harvested when they are young and tender. It can be eaten raw as a salad or cooked in a number of dishes. They are essentially the same leafy green, with the youngest leaves being picked when they’re still small. Both baby and adult flat leaf spinach have a very distinctive texture, especially in the mouth. This is, in fact, the wild variety of spinach that many gardeners will recognize as a mere weed they love to rip out of the soil every spring to make room for, ironically, domesticated spinach plants, among others! Choose regular spinach. Some cultivars have a slow growth habit, which allows them to be harvested as baby spinach for an extended period. Since we understand that this could be a bit confusing, we’ll be discussing the four different kinds of spinach next! But if you buy a bunch of fresh spinach at the market, you’ll need to cut it up as it will be tougher and stringy. So, what makes baby spinach baby spinach? You can also buy regular spinach in bulk, so you don’t have to buy more than you need. All rights reserved. Though most folks will say that there are only 3 kinds of spinach, there is a fourth that tends to slip under the radar! One of the first green vegetables to come in the market in spring, there are today several varieties of spinach arriving in the market that are enough to confuse common people. So, let’s talk about these differences so you know exactly what kinds of spinach you’ll want to buy! At only 7 calories per cup, it packs a healthy dose … We hope you’ll find lots of useful info here and the answers to pretty much whatever you’re looking for. And finally, the black sheep of the group is wild spinach, also called lamb’s quarters. Spinach really deserves to be labeled a super food because of its contents that work wonders on our bodies. You don’t need to fork over the extra dough for baby spinach. Coming from Engineering cum Human Resource Development background, has over 10 years experience in content developmet and management. People get confused when they see the regular spinach and another variety being labeled baby spinach in the market as they do not know the difference. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Copyright © 2010-2018 Difference Between. However, it has more fiber; and thus, chewier than baby spinach. In fact, many seem to enjoy savoy spinach more than the rest because of its unique texture and deep flavor! But, again, when a green grocer says “baby spinach,” they mean young flat or smooth leaf. While baby spinach is plucked between 15-20 days of plant growth, adult spinach, or spinach that we know is plucked 45-60 days after planting. Do baby spinach and regular spinach taste the same? Young water spinach shoots and leaves are sweeter and texturally more tender than the matured ones. Let us find out if there is any nutritional difference between the two varieties. The taste of water spinach vs. spinach. For cooking spinach for purées, sautéing, or stir frying, stick with regular spinach. They are essentially the same leafy green, with the youngest leaves being picked when they’re still small. Flat leaf variety of spinach, normally called spinach, is available in the market in bunches with soil still attached to the leaves as it grows very close to the ground. "Baby spinach" is a term typically used to describe spinach that has been harvested during a fairly early stage of plant growth, usually between 15-35 days after planting. However, baby spinach is actually quite sweet; not sugar sweet, but still sweet. Basically, when you eat adult spinach, it may taste as though you are eating the color green! Crispy and coarse, it is sweeter than the larger variety. Baby spinach is actually just the smaller, younger leaves of the flat or smooth leaf spinach variety! This means its color is a bit lighter, like flat leaf spinach, while its texture is slightly bumpy like savoy! Spinach VS baby spinach: are they the same? Spinach really deserves to be labeled a super food because of its contents that work wonders on our bodies. As you can imagine, baby spinach is simply called that because it is young spinach. Knowing this now, you may be wondering if baby spinach is one of those four. Plus, it tends to be a bit less earthy, as well! Filed Under: Fruits&Vegetables Tagged With: baby spinach, spinach. Baby spinach comes from the smallest leaves of the flat-leaf variety and has all the health benefits of large-leaf spinach. Similar to white, green, and black tea leaves (each of which are different aged leaves of the same plant), baby spinach is flat leaf spinach that has been picked off the plant when it is still small. This chemical also provides both adult and baby spinach with its well-known dry and fuzzy feeling in the mouth. Do baby spinach and regular spinach look the same? As foods tend to taste and look different depending on their age, baby spinach is in fact slightly different in both taste and look than its older version and other kinds of spinach. The leaves of this plant are dark green in color and bitter in taste than baby spinach. Taste is the real game changer when it comes to spinach and baby spinach. After all, it is sold all over the world and highly popularized because of its small, cute, and tasty qualities! Since baby spinach is merely made up of the youngest leaves of the flat leaf spinach plant, it has a very similar look to its adult counterpart. • Strictly speaking, the only difference between baby spinach ad spinach is the difference between shape and size. That being said, both are quite delicious and good for you, so they can usually be used interchangeably in dishes from boiled spinach to homemade spinach and feta pizza! Regular spinach vs. Baby spinach A little tip about spinach: If you buy fresh baby spinach in bags at the supermarket, you won’t need to cut it up. Spinach VS baby spinach: are they the same? That being said, if you connect the spinach vegetable with savoy, semi-savoy, or wild spinach, then they are technically different from baby spinach! One of these varieties is baby spinach, which has become increasingly popular because of its sweeter flavor and delicate leaves that are tender and almost perfect for a spinach salad. Its flavor tends to be a bit richer, but certainly not overpowering. Though not traditionally sold in stores, you can have baby savoy spinach, which will have the same curly, bumpy, folded leaves as adult savoy! As such, it is difficult to say with certainty if there is any difference between Baby spinach and spinach as far as nutrients are concerned. Savoy spinach has curly leaves, and semi-savoy has slightly curly leaves. @media (max-width: 1171px) { .sidead300 { margin-left: -20px; } } So, don’t worry! Here’s 4 Big Reasons, Best Rhubarb Substitutes – 6 Ideas To Try next. As far as nutritional values are concerned, there have been contradicting studies with some claiming baby spinach to have higher concentrations of vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoids while others coming out with just the opposite results. Regular spinach tastes bolder. This is because the leaves are plucked at an early stage in the case of baby spinach while they are plucked much later in case of regular spinach. We made because we are very passionate and curious about food and food stuffs, and we’ve always got a ton of questions.

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