Social Studies 8 Textbook Unit 1: Renaissance Europe - Origins of Western Worldview Chapters 1-6 Unit 2: Worldviews in Conflict - Spain and the Aztecs Chapters 7-11 This will allow you to send me a copy that should be able to be emailed and another better quality copy that we can view in class on February 3rd during our viewing party. I will take the better of the two marks. Unit 4-Mechanical Systems. Mr. Main's email:  Twitter: @mrmainsclass. Science Focus 8. Remember, Latitude/Longitude Quiz #2 will be this week! / What was it? Any Photos, Power Points or Videos need to be emailed to: *If you are editing your movie in Windows Movie Maker, save 2 copies of your video one for display on a computer and one for email. ), Famous Renaissance Artists / Scientists and Thinkers, Social Studies 8. Socials 8 Religion Project Week of December 1 - December 5 We will be starting our religions project. Important announcements will be discussed in class, but if you miss something, I will post it here. Sci 8 Unit 2 text. Watch the Videos on "Aboriginal Peoples" and take summary notes. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Supply list for Social Studies 9: 3 ring binder (2 inches in width) Pack of dividers (8 dividers) ... CHAPTER 8 STUDY GUIDE - 30 QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - DUE THE DAY OF THE TEST - MARKED AND SHOWN ON PARENT/ STUDENT CONNECT; Announcements: Welcome to Ms. Penney's Grade 8 Social Studies class! Use the links below to get caught up on any missed assignments, view the notes covered in … b) What modern marvel was constructed to make travel to the West Coast of the America's easier? Resources are organized in to units below. Social Studies 6 Fitness Option Science Academy Blog Gadget Games Language Arts Digital Photo Urgent Evoke ... Science Focus 8 Glossary sci 8. should be a point form list of the questions you plan to ask, and the information you plan to research about your topic. The High and Late Middle Ages in Europe. Unit 3- Light and Optical Systems. Read pages 236 - 250 in your Pathways textbook and take Summarizing Notes. /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/socials_8_outline.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/latitude_and_longitude_skill_set_2.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/latitude_and_longitude_activity_3.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/activity_2_key1.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/activity_2_map_key.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/activity_3_key.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/socials_map_project.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/physical_features_list.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/a._poster_assignment_december_2013.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/b._2013_poster_assignment.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/rome_inventions_assignment.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/socials_8_rome_test_outline.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/the_franks_video_key.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/after_fall_of_rome_key_and_overhead_2013.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/chapter_10_lesson_1_europe_after_the_roman_empire.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/sources_of_information.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/battle_ot_tours.png, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/the_battle_of_tours.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/charlemagne.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/charlemagne_obituary.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/anglo-saxons,_celts_and_vikings.docx, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/powerpoint_on_bayeux_tapestry[1].ppt, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/questions_on_the_bayeux_tapestry_and_the_battle_of_hastings.doc, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/test_outline.doc, /uploads/3/9/8/3/39832061/socials_studies_8renaissance_and_medieval_art[1].pptx. Please make arrangements to be here for our final class, and our video viewing party on Monday, February 3rd. c) What did the Incas prize more than anything else? Please read pages 263 - 268 of your textbook and take summary notes. I AM NOT TEACHING A SOCIAL STUDIES 8 CLASS FOR THE 2016/ 2017 SCHOOL YEAR. Here is the schedule for the day: 9 - 10am: G9 - Social Studies review session / G8 Math class, 10 - 11am: G8 - Social studies review session / G9 Math class, 11- 12:30 - G8/9 Lunch and Video Viewing Party, The Renaissance (Why Italy? Grade 8 & 9 Term 3 Exam Review Schedule: Instead of asking the students to come in for two separate days for exam reviews, Mrs. Burnham and I will be doing our grade 8 and 9 exam reviews on Wednesday, May 14th from 9 – 1:30pm. b) Please prepare and be ready to present your Remembrance Day Assembly Project for next week. *, *If you are editing using iMovie, export your video in 360p to your photo stream, then email it from your photo stream to me.*. The High Middle Ages: Lesson 1: Lesson 2: Topic: Intro & Personal Coat of Arms Assignment. We are completing Map Scale this week; The key to the practice sheet is here: quiz on map scale, time zones of Canada and map projection this week. Sci 8 Unit 3 text. Click on the links provided to access the documents. Please review your material and see me for help if you're having difficulty. Unit 2-Cells and Systems. this assignment is due on the following dates, depending on your class. a) What were some of the challenges that faced explorers trying to get to the West Coast of South America? d) Can you think of any modern day examples that are similar to what Pizarro and other Conquistadors were doing in South America in the 16th Century? Unit 1 Mixture and Flow of Matter. Send me your Social Studies Fair Topic to be approved before the, Please read pages 251 - 262 in your textbook and take summarizing notes, " and come to class prepared answer the following questions (. should be a detailed list of the questions you answered, the information you researched and a list of sources you used while preparing for your presentation.

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