It lives in drops of water. Source: Dive Buddy, swiggle1 The fact that it looks like a human makes it pretty scary. Can you imagine seeing something like this making its way toward you in the ocean? This shark was only recently discovered. For the most part, they are harmless, but running into one in the ocean can be a little nerve-wracking. This big creature is also called a sunfish. Every year, scientist discover new animals living in the ocean. It has a large mouth that lights up when it’s open. They are often the star of many scary films. The giant squid is something that people see in nightmares. Source: MNN, swiggle1 Starfish The Bobbit Worm is a real monster if you are a fish. A lot of them look like real monsters. Scary and gross. For … dot pattern2 Only a few of them have ever been seen. What a strange looking creature. It may not be huge itself, but those teeth could do some serious damage to anything it catches. Some that have never been seen before. This fish has a nasty underbite. At least you would see it coming before it bites. This octopus looks a lot like an elephant. This fish hides on the ocean floor and waits for its prey to swim by before it snatches it up. The tongue-eating louse is a small parasite that waits until a fish opens its mouth to eat, then goes inside. It is really a unique fish for its large head, big mouth, large teeth and the techniques that it uses for catching its prey. Source: Leisure Pro, swiggle1 This giant jellyfish floats through the ocean harmlessly, but it can conjure up a few screams. Crabs aren’t that scary unless they’re gigantic. Source: Stuff Point, swiggle1 dot pattern2 Source: Australian Museum, swiggle1 It is thought to be a lazy fish as it does not need to exert an effort or expend any energy to eat and all what it does is that it opens its mouth to eat any critters floating in the sea. This fish can be found 16,400 feet beneath the sea. It can open its mouth insanely wide to eat prey. National Geographic That means there are a lot of unknown animals living in the deeps. These fish are horrible looking. Flying Fish. It attracts small fish and other sea creatures. ... it would be safe to guess that there are some creatures living there that we don't know much about. The Gulper Eel is a truly terrifying creature. It can be found in the Caribbean and Atlantic waters. More bizarre ocean creatures that you may like, Top 10 Scary & Bizarre Ocean Creatures You Have Never Seen Before, Top 25 Lawyers Types and 10 Tips to Find Best Lawyer for Your Legal Problem, The Best 15 Saudi Arabia Tourist Attractions to Explore, Top 10 Easy Steps to Successful Self-Publishing Business, bizarre ocean creatures that you don’t know they exist, weird creatures that you haven’t seen before, Top 10 New Year’s Traditions Around the World, Top 10 Most Beautiful Love Poems in the World, Top 10 Strangest Army Uniforms In The World. They actually live in the ocean and can grow to huge sizes. 18 Sea Monsters That Actually Exist On Earth. It lives in oceans and actually helps keep them clean by eating all the carbon in the water. Well, this fish sure looks like one. dot pattern2 It’s covered in spikes. If they are attacked, they can turn themselves inside out and reveal all their teeth. It can be found 50 meters below the surface of the ocean whether it is the Pacific, Atlantic or Indian Ocean. It can be found in the streams and rivers of Amazon, Orinoco, Scandinavian waters and Papua New Guinea. Luckily, it lives on the bottom of the ocean floor. This means they have to adapt. Source: Scientific American, swiggle1 It has triple pointed teeth that make it appear terrifying. They are just hunting for algae and other small creatures to eat. It’s not very big, but it can cause some serious damage. Australian Museum Some of them live where the pressure is incredible and others live where there is no light present. dot pattern2 Its teeth are so big that it can’t even close its mouth. Its sharp teeth make it appear ferocious. The fish then stays in the fish’s mouth where it can eat other organisms as it pleases. There are too many ocean creatures that are really strange. Some of the anglerfishes can be found in the continental shelf while others can be found in the deep sea. It could cut up anything and it pretty much does. It has a cute name, but the creepiest thing about this creature is that it’s super tiny. Source: Business Insider, swiggle1 It has a colorful body and is completely flexible because of the level of collagen that it has and this is why it can move easily. Don’t worry, it’s harmless. This shark looks just like a goblin, which justifies its name. This creepy little fish is called a batfish. Viperfish. The 4cs that Determine the Value of Diamonds, Top 10 Highly Developed Countries in the World, Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in the World, Top 10 Most Polluted Countries in the World, Top 10 Best Fashion Photographers in the World, Top 10 Watch Brands for Women in The World, Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in The World. Animal Wildlife Sometimes, this fish flies above the water’s surface to escape from its predators. You might think you are free from snakes in the ocean, but the sea cucumber looks a lot like one. The giant spider crab is the world’s largest living crab that resides in the pitch black depths in the seas and oceans… You won’t see it though. They have been around since the dinosaur era and are still around.

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