I've never seen any professional express a preference for a particular brand. baking from scratch is our mission. But I got a cool baby jar...... : ), I saw two other brands on Amazon. I've just kneaded the dough, and it's going through its first rise in mini loaf pans (top). SAF instant yeast, like other brands of instant yeast, is just yeast, encapsulated to keep it dormant until combined with flour and water in a recipe. If you see anything inappropriate on the site or have any questions, contact me at floydm at thefreshloaf dot com. Hi I have seen your comments about Saf-InstantRed as being able to be used in Bread Machines, but not if we need to convert the amount with what is asked for in the recipe. The second time was in jars. These yeasts purport to work 50% faster than ADY. I just borrow my neighbors membership card approximately once a year and stock the freezer. Active dry yeast (ADY), the stuff your mom may have used, is widely available everywhere. Still, there's one more reason to choose SAF instant yeast: Sold in its typical three-packet, 3/4-ounce strip, active dry yeast or fast-rising yeast at the grocery store costs around $40 a pound. The ADY is still behind Quick-Rise and SAF instant. For those of you who go WAY back, fresh yeast (cake yeast) was the staple of every bread baker's kitchen. SAF gets going much more quickly than ADY, and has just as much staying power. I have a blend of lecithin with oil at hand, I use it to grease baking pans to make them non-stick, so I just use 1/4 tsp of that blend to add to the bread dough. The dough just didn't rise in the bulk ferment so I abandoned it. Bottle water with the lid would work just fine. For those of you who go WAY back, fresh yeast (cake yeast) was the staple of every bread baker's kitchen. I prefer SAF but they're both good. He talks about it's importance and use in bread making. For the full range of all my yeast baking, SAF is the choice. I tried the Francese on Vol 4 P174. Thanks for the Amazon link. And our Canadian flour already has alpha-amylase and Vitamin C added to it. They both have the same strain of yeast and both have ascorbic acid. The SAF Gold buns (left) have risen slightly more than the Red buns; see how the Gold buns are filling more of the pan? A couple of weeks gone by and it's half used up. A pound of SAF Red instant yeast – the equivalent of 64 (1/4-ounce) packets – costs $5.95. If its a good year for baking then I buy the bulk bags and keep it frozen at all times. I've used it for years with excellent results. There's a good chance that you could have the same results. Here in the KC area, we can find the SAF instant yeast in any consumer size unit up to the one pound package in a Walmart of our choice. In fact, the SAF loaf has crowned about 1/4" over the rim of its pan, so I put it into the oven to bake. P.S. Usually, the biggest difference between the SAF and Fleischmann's is the price. Yes – but there's a tradeoff. The brown glass helps to keep the light from shortening the life of the yeast. The Fresh Loaf is not responsible for community member content. Osmotolerant SAF yeast, SAF Gold, is very good too. I shape the dough into buns, and let them rise for an hour (bottom). what type recipes would you use the rapid rise yeast in, since you said to use it in that specific recipe, I didn't notice any type of recipe when you mentioned it, cause I do have some rapid rise yeast and would like to know how to use it. Content posted by community members is their own. You mention fresh yeast. If ascorbic acid ( vitamin C ) is used to strengthen dough. Yeast comes in two forms: fresh, as compressed cakes or blocks, and dry, which is in the form of dehydrated granules.The dry yeast is sold in a few different varieties, including instant, bread machine, and rapid rise. Flavor. Now Red Star is quite a bit cheaper without the vidi. The remainder, less than 0.1%, contains such trace gases as water vapor, carbon dioxide, and ozone.) In reply to after the 1st rise, my dough… by DONNA PITTS (not verified). One question I have about the storage of yeast is this: does vacuum sealing and using an oxygen removing packet before freezing have any benefit. Red star and Bioreal. Fresh yeast is the O.G. Also, some strains have one gassing peak and others - two during the period of fermentation. But guess it would be better than adding soap to break the tension of water. after the 1st rise, my dough is so wet and sticky I can't do anything with it except scoop it up and literally 'throw' it into a parchment lined bowl for the second rise! European instant yeasts these days are only 90% yeast, the rest of the package content is yeast nutrient and essential dough conditioners, they are VERY nice, especially for those who bake in bread machines. The SAF Red and Quick-Rise loaves bake to virtually the same height, but the SAF loaf rises a bit more quickly in the pan than the Quick-Rise. Bioreal is not an option. The differences between strains and brands become essential when you bake in controlled conditions, such as in bread machines. Red Star yeast, made by SAF's parent company, different yeast brands are different indeed, http://old.lesaffre.ru/production/industry/bakery_pressed_yeast/274.html. There, a different brand of yeast and a different strain of yeast will make a difference between success and failure. And I've only encountered one poster in many years who claimed to detect a flavor difference between brands...I suspect he couldn't do so while blindfolded. Doughs with added sugar do better with osmotolerant yeast, which is better adapted to the osmotic pressure exerted by sugar in the dough. If you aren't familiar with the process (I have a feeling you are), the vacuum resealing removes as much air from the package, or even Mason jar if you don't care for plastic near your food, as reasonably possible. This is how yeast with two gassing peaks in its gas production in time looks: there is a significant decline in gas production around 60 min fermentation mark. SAF Gold, with its shorter rising time, prevents this flavor deterioration. So for the sake of simplicity, I didn't include fresh yeast in these tests. Just a thought. It gave me very inconsistent outcomes even in the same recipe. I also like Fleishmann's Pizza Yeast, I use it in many European recipes which require European flours, moderately strong flours.

saf vs fleischmann's yeast

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