Lives for gear . 9th April 2011 #2. mics. Share Quote. 8th March 2014 #5. joemeek. The increased output lets you be more flexible with which preamp you choose, as a high-gain preamp is no longer necessary to get sufficient signal. 8th March 2014 #4. Share Quote. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. More Lives for gear . This is the R-121 transducer (also used in R-122 MKII's and R-122V's). The tube offers 15dB more gain than the R-121 and 10dB more than the R-122, but the sound is pure Royer - familiar and natural. Royer 122 VS. Royer 121. Gear Addict . It has a long, wide, thick (2.5 micron) ribbon element. Mad John ️. What differences you find between the: Royer 122V and the Peluso TR14 Vacuum Tube Ribbon Mics? Thank for the link, that was very helpful! Lives for gear . Seems like the 121 may be the way to go for me. My Studio. The main advantage of the R-122 to the R-121 is that you don’t have to worry about impedance matching as the extra circuitry in the R-122 keeps the ribbon under proper load at all times, regardless of the preamp’s input impedance. Royer R-122 vs. R-121 If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Although sometimes described as an “amplifier circuit,” the active electronics within the R-122 do not amplify the mic’s signal. It's a bit 'deeper' and seems to somehow 'smooth' the audio. Originally developed in 2001 as a benchmark for testing R-122 designs against, the unique R-122V has evolved into a world class ribbon microphone with amazing depth and reach in the midrange frequencies and a lush-ness you'll need to hear for yourself to believe. … 9th April 2011 #3. swafford. Royer 122V vs Peluso TR14. Share Quote. The best way to explain the differences between R-series mics (R-121, R-122 MKII, R-122V) and SF-series mics (SF-12, SF-24, SF-1) is to take a look at their ribbon transducers (the transducer is the magnetic frame or assembly that the ribbon element is housed in). Performance-wise, the R-122V falls in line with the R-121 and R-122. wow, there are so many. Royer Labs R-122 Bidirectional Active Ribbon Microphone. I know thought that the Royer has a very sweet characteristic that i am yet to hear on other available ribbons. The R-122V ribbon microphone is the world's first vacuum tube ribbon microphone. think silk cheers Share Quote. The Royer R-122 is the world’s first “active” ribbon mic — it requires phantom power, to drive the impedance-conversion circuitry within the mic body.. Quote: Originally Posted by [email protected] 122v does something special.

royer 122 vs 122v

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