By drawing the cabinet scraper across the wood’s surface, a very fine shaving can be removed. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. Many stocks will also be impregnated with gun oil in the end-grain areas and this will continue to weep out of the timber if it is not dealt with in the preparation. By the way: If you’re looking for a quick way to gather everything needed to refinish your gun stock, we carry gun stock finish kits which come with everything you’ll need, including step-by-step instructions. This steam iron trick can be done both with and without removing the existing finish. If you want to darken the wood stain first before you seal. Once the finish is removed, I use fine steel wool to work the stock to a smooth finish. With use over time, wooden gun stocks can get to a point where the finish is dull and damaged. There are a number of proprietary Many of the stripping compounds are quite caustic as well, so you should use them in a well-ventilated area with proper protective gear. It can be rubbed on with a soft pad and dries to touch in about 20 minutes. Once your chosen finish is applied, you may also want to apply a sealer. Heating the wood with a hot air gun will also accelerate Clean the Gun Stock. The first thing to do when refinishing a stock is to remove all the metalwork. In the 21st century, I use both blades of a Swiss army knife and a section of breakaway utility knife blade. such as mineral turpentine, to remove any oil or grease from the surface You have multiple options here as well. This is rubbed on by hand and repeated coats will produce On older guns, especially double shotguns, great care must be taken when removing the screws, as they have very narrow slots and most standard screwdriver blades will not fit them. to normal paint strippers and very difficult to remove physically. a dodgy looking stock. it away with sandpaper. Also, the contours of a complex shape can be followed. The main problem with this finish is that They make some good water based sealers. Once the waiting period is over, wash the finish remover off of the stock with mild soap and warm water. the effort to refurbish the stock and bring out the best in the timber. Stain Colors for rifle stocks?? The curved surfaces of the army knife blades are good for concave surfaces and the pointy end of the utility knife is ideal for working around chequering and into corners. for cleaning out the chequering. it is dangerous material to handle, as it will burn skin and is highly Hand sanding is the most common option, as it’s relatively simple and effective, and it allows the most control over the process. As the ‘Whiskering’ the timber by wetting is it an old technique but a good one; this raises the loose fibres and allows them to be rubbed off with a subsequent steel wool treatment. 6 Item(s) Status. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation is America’s leading supplier of hard-to-find, obsolete, and rare gun parts and accessories. They are also not very water-resistant, which comes in handy when removing them. All Rights Reserved. dangerous if it gets in an eye. These are typically very glossy and quite hard and durable. Once the finish is removed, I use fine steel wool to work the stock to a smooth finish. stripper to remove finish from clogged up chequering. After a few minutes, the dent should be lifted out and the wood will look like new. 3. Military Gun Stock Stains MIL-1003-02 Military #3 Gun Stock Stain $ 11.99. This method is much faster than using sandpaper, as it will typically remove finish down to the bare wood in just one application. Take a look at your gun. Made in the U.S.A. narrow your choices » Show Filters . soften most finishes, allowing them to be brushed out. These good quality steel blades hold a razor edge and provide the scraping action when drawn sideways across the stock surface. 346-069-004WB Dark Walnut Stain, 4oz. In earlier times, I used a caustic paint The heat gun will soften this coating and it can be scraped off relatively Military Gun Stock Stains MIL-1002-02 Military #2 Gun Stock Stain $ 11.99. Australian Shooter November 2001. other than by applying patience before applying the stock finish. and out of the surface pores of the timber. The heat gun also provides a solution for After doing more than a dozen stocks with this finish, I have found that it has continued to exceed my expectations for appearance and ease of maintenance. I have found Birchwood Casey’s Gunstock Filler hard to beat. Once the finish is removed, I use fine steel wool to work the stock to a smooth finish. However, it has to be used very carefully in order to avoid potentially damaging the wood underneath the finish. Once the conditioner has dried properly, you can apply your chosen finish. A sealer will act as a final protective layer to defend your new finish, as well as the underlying wood.

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