These screenshots represent a tiny fraction of the online debate going on regarding remote testing. (online) $15.00: WB9ZPH : Dec 04, 2020 (Fri) 3:00pm PST: Spout Springs Repeater Association VE Testing … Read it twice so you are sure you know exactly what to do. However, we are ham radio operators, by golly, and we’ve collectively come up with a technological solution, which is remote testing. The opposition seems to be blissfully ignorant of the advances in remote testing software, and very anxious over various ways of circumventing, exploiting, and generally cheating on remote amateur radio exams. WB9ZPH VE team ONLINE - fully remote exam (4 slots remaining) (online) $15.00: WB9ZPH : Jan 16, 2021 (Sat) 10:00am EST: January IN PERSON Rochester Amateur Radio Association (RARA) Exam Session (20 slots remaining) Webster, NY FREE! AC2EV: 12:00pm MST New England Amateur Radio - ONLINE EXAMS - Open Session, Any Exam, Any State DC (online) $15.00: NE1AR: 7:00pm CST: WB9ZPH VE team ONLINE - fully remote exam (session full!) Welcome to the new world of remote ham radio testing. The Georgia club collaborated and shared ideas with the Emergency Amateur Radio Club (EARC) in Hawaii, which has successfully conducted sessions since 2011 with its own remote testing system, initially with paper exams with a proctor on site and … It is not “online testing” and there is no such thing as “walk-in” (no appointment needed) testing. We are honored to administer ham radio exams for you. The answer is for VECs to ramp up remote testing. More and more clubs are offering the service. Read everything here and in the exam requirements. This has been allowed since 2014, when the FCC published Report and Order FCC 14-74. We offer exam appointments each week. Fully remote examinations are a well defined thing — and still following all of the same rules and regulations as in-person testing have followed for years.

remote ham radio testing

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