iv Endangered and Threatened Animals of Utah. A small population of Mojave desert tortoises is being monitored, along with the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher. Prairie dogs live in colonies, called "towns" and are quite socially integrated, even communicating with each other using vocalizations. University of Utah. Historically, the Utah prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens) was poisoned and shot to prevent livestock from getting injured, but today it is threatened by habitat loss and degradation and plague outbreaks.Photo credit: Laura Romin and Larry Dalton What many people don't realize is that Utah has hundreds of other native species, some of … v. Contact Us. Utah’s threatened and endangered animals and provide information on what is and can be done to assist in recovery of rare species or to eliminate the need to list other species. Purpose of this Guide. As is the case with most badgers, the badger found in Utah has a stocky body with a low center of gravity and powerful legs with huge fore claws that may be up to two inches. The animals prefer to live in open grasslands full of food like mice and squirrels. Utah is often heralded for its large, huntable wildlife species, including elk, mule deer, moose, black bears and mountain lions. Ceratopsians--horned, frilled dinosaurs--were thick on the ground in Utah during the late Cretaceous period; among the genera that called this state home were Diabloceratops, Kosmoceratops and Torosaurus (which may actually have been a species of Triceratops).But the most representative ceratopsian discovered in the Beehive … Zion is critical habitat for the Mexican spotted owl, a species classified as threatened at the federal level. Utahceratops, a dinosaur of Utah. Utah’s Hogle Zoo; 2600 Sunnyside Avenue (840 South) Salt Lake City, UT 84108; General number: (801) 584-1700; Directions & Parking Utah is home to 10 species of endangered animals, and eight more are threatened, according to the U.S. Though all the animals in Zion are protected by the National Park designation, some animals are of special note. A plan to help keep native Utah species off the Endangered Species List.

rare animals in utah

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