Image 4 of 5. Bird inlays are stardard on the Custom 24 Neck. These are the HFS (bridge) and Vintage Bass (neck) set. I have a '91 PRS CE24 with that pickup in it. For example, the Tremonti treble pickup looks like it's a 250 treble with no cover but with split options, and the Tremonti bass is just a 7 bass. The Hiland pickup set seems to be a Swamp Ash set. Very much trying to recreate his individual sound from what most consider their best days in the ’70s, it has a very sharp and tight bottom end, mirroring the sound on so many tracks we’ve heard. EMG has teamed up with Black Sabbath’s bass guitarist Geezer Butler, to produce this signature Precision bass pickup. Matched pair of PRS pickups from 1997. Image 3 of 5. A friend replaced the stock pickup in his early-era PRS SE with the HFS. The Korean-made humbuckers are based on PRS's HFS and Vintage Bass models Pickup. Ended up falling-out of love with the PV'63. The bridge pickup is more aggressive than the neck’s lower output S2 Vintage Bass pickup, which has a warmer tone across the board and a slightly wider dynamic range. HFS pickup registers 14.4 and Vintage Bass pickup registers 8.4. Love it. Std. And to be honest, after the pickup swap, despite the guitars being of drastically different construction (bolt-on vs. set neck), the guitars sound VERY similar. These are obviously not new, but are in excellent condition and work perfectly. At just under 7lb, the McCarty will be many players' idea of the Goldilocks weight for a solid-bodied guitar. Image 5 of 5. PRS #6 Bass: Clear, warm and extremely well balanced across the entire tonal spectrum. My favorite pickup of the few I've tried (OEM '08 AM. Image 2 of 5. At the same time, the 250 bass, Dragon II bass and McCarty bass could all be pretty much identical apart from the wiring options/number of conductors. Will ship within the continental US (48 states) only. PRS #7 Bass: It is a full range pickup with vintage alive characteristics. He loves it. As we've found with the other PRS instruments we have had in for review in recent months, the action is bang on, with string height a very player-friendly 1.6mm on both treble and bass sides. Update: see post #17. It is also highly recommended and used on stage by many touring bands. 4 Emg Geezer Butler Signature P Bass Guitar Pickup Set. To reduce costs, the rear plates are unrecessed on the S2 Custom Rear. stock pickup, EMG GZR, Fender Original '62) and sounds great with any strings you decide to use, flats, rounds, etc. The bridge pickup really comes alive with a bit of overdrive grit and does a bang-up job of delivering … It's a really great sounding pickup that works really well for coil splitting and also has a really nice old school quality that has a really "brown" effect when playing through a good spongy sounding amp. The PRS HFS bridge humbucker is found in many of their guitars as a stock pickup, and with great reason. PRS #8 Bass: Again these are stock on guitars Paul Reed Smith has made for himself or his friends. PRS S2 Custom 24 review.

prs vintage bass pickup review

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