Only with appropriate brush, which completely fills the interdental area, you can fully mechanically remove plaque from the lateral surfaces of the teeth. Therefore, it is may be necessary for you to use several different brushes. This leads to the occurrence of defensive reaction in the mouth. It comes with a unique designed holder for easy access to hard to reach back upper and lower molar areas. They come only in one size. Some interdental brush packs come with a keychain so that you can attach them to your bag for ease of use. Another way to clean interdental areas, plus pleasantly massage your gums, is to use interdental stimulator. This is great way for preventing cavities, because on smooth surfaces it is much more difficult to retain remnants of food after eating. Bigger package contains 275 of these brushpicks, so you will not run out for a long time. After each use, they should be carefully rinsed with water and left to air dry. The twisted wire in the center is strong and plastic coated, which makes it hard to break even if bended after use. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely remove it by regular interproximal brushing. This massage is very important if you have diseased gums. Piksters Interdental Brushes – Great product along with floss and electric toothbrushes, 5. Check out also our Best Electric Toothbrush for Gums Review! These durable high quality brushes are offered in 11 different sizes – 1 Extra Small (00), 8 Regular sizes (0-7) and 2 Extra Large Perio sizes (8 and 9). You can use the same brush to clean those interdental spaces that are the same size. That is between two teeth at gum level. One package includes 6 Oral-B interdental refills cylindrical or tapered. Therefore, for the cleaning of these hard to reach areas, we should use brushes that have the dimension and shape adapted to interdental spaces. But actually, how good is to use a toothpick? This widely used brand of interdental care products offers two types of high quality interdental brushes. $6 for 9 at Amazon There are also, #4. The next stage is periodontal disease. Thanks to specially designed comfortable handle made of rubber, the brush does not slip from hand which makes it easy to control during brushing. Now when we know the cause, it is easy to solve the problem. Thus increasing of their ability to defend against bacteria that accumulate in the gaps between two teeth. Given that interproximal spaces in one person are also different in size, this kit is excellent for complete care of all of them. Due to the ease of introducing in the gaps between teeth, it is often compared with dental floss. And these are the places where food and bacteria collect as much as elsewhere in the mouth, but they can not be brushed out even with the best toothbrush. There are excellent TePe or Piksters brush sets for beginners, with all brush sizes, so you can easily evaluate which ones suit you best. Another great characteristic is that they are coated with fluorides which helps in preventing teeth cavities. Therefore, it’s cleaning is very important, because inflammation of interdental gingiva (gingivitis) first starts in these areas. Never forget to clean between teeth using interdental brushes or floss. Pick which interdental brush matches you. The gaps may vary, so you may need more than one size, or to use one of the two tapered brushes. But in general they are not similar at all. Information on this site is not intended to offer medical advice or be a substitute for professional medical advice. Too small brush will not thoroughly clean the entire interdental spaces, but too big one will hurt the gums between the teeth. Triangular bristles are proven to remove more plaque. The colour of the handles corresponds to the sizes. Apply just a little or no pressure at all to clean the teeth gently. When we look at the physique of the brush, most of them have a thin, According to the shape of the head, we distinguish. That’s usually after 1-3 months of daily use. They are perfect for everyday use. It consists of one holder and two types of replacement brushes – cylindrical and tapered. Piksters interdental brushes really hold up well, even when used several times each day for over a month. TePe Interdental Brushes is a great alternative for flossing. These brushes are made only in one form with long user-friendly handle. Pikdent Interdental Brushes – Most tiny and pocketable brushes. After each meal, dental plaque is constantly formed between the teeth. Always seek the advice of your health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition, or treatment. The tooth has five sides – do you clean them all? So if you are a toothpick fan, then these picks are just the right solution for you. Each brush has its own plastic protective cap. These interproximal toothbrushes last long enough in comparison with other brands. How to choose the right interdental brush? The fibers of these brushes are soft and we distinguish six sizes from 0-5. Sometimes the teeth are so densely packed, especially the front ones, that even the dental floss is difficult to be squeezed between them. Durable nylon made bristles are soft and gentle on teeth and gums. Each brush has it’s own cap, which keeps the brush clean between uses. Interproximal cleaning should be done daily just like brushing your teeth. Working surface of the brush is in the form of Christmas tree, spiral and small in size, so it can be pushed between the teeth. This interdental cleaner is used differently than a manual toothbrush – it is simply introduced into the interdental space and then pulled out. Even they are made in only Small size – the toothbrushes clean completely in one stroke. An effective alternative to dental floss clinically designed by professionals to remove plaque from areas between the teeth most commonly missed by tooth brushing alone. Then the teeth begin to fall out. There are two very easy steps for healthy beautiful smile and fresh breath: 1. 2. The only downside is that the brushes are made in just one size – Medium. These so called interdental aids or cleaners penetrate in the spaces between the teeth where toothbrush fibers can not reach. It may have cylindrical or tapered shape. 7 Best Interdental Brushes – Based On Their Characteristics and Consumer Reports, Excellent and well-made Swedish TePe interdental brushes offer quality and largest selection of brushes. Also, these interdental picks have soft tapered brush set at the other end which effectively sweeps away flood debris. In combination with it’s long rubberized handle, it is easy to access all hard to reach areas at the back teeth (such as upper and lower molars). Check Price Now ! But, the disadvantages of the floss are especially shown when cleaning recessed teeth areas (such as between molars), because they can not be completely cleaned with it at all. Look for the ideal angle that allows it, with small pressure, to enter between the teeth. Inflamed gums are red, swollen and easily bleed on touch or when brushing. Score . Again, this way the possibility of “galvanic” shock and damage to the gums and teeth is reduced to minimum. It’s use is easy and quick. During the movements of introducing and pulling, radially mounted fibers remove interdental plaque.

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