The durable stone surface inside will ensure you’re able to enjoy evenly cooked food every time you use it, so you can say goodbye for good to spots of undercooked dough. The easiest would be a fire-starter, but many also choose to use a small chimney of hot charcoal lumps. But if you’re a serious pizza lover, if you intend to cook awesome pizzas on a very regular basis or know you’ll be cooking for a crowd, if the idea of cooking other foods in it besides pizza appeals to you, if you like the idea of playing around with various fuel sources, then moving up to the Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven will be well worth the upgrade. The larger, more accommodating cooking surface area of the Ooni Pro is just one part of what makes it stand out. I was unable to find a single negative comment (which is says something... negative experiences are usually very quickly made public). ), I thought that along with this Ooni Pro Review, I’d share some recipes. The official change date was July 17, 2018. Whether you’re a professionally trained chef or new to cooking, the Ooni pro pizza oven serves up the functionality, performance, and versatility that you need to bring restaurant-quality to your dishes at home – without the learning curve. Simply fold up Ooni Pro’s retractable legs, easily detach its chimney, and you’re on your way to sharing fire-cooking magic with the ones you love. A wheeled cart is what makes it portable. Unlike a conventional oven, you can't just set the temperature, put your food in it, and walk away. Many people even leave the Pizza Door off to save themselves a step as the pizza cooks so quickly. You'll need to count on some time and ingredients "wasted" perhaps while you "get the feel" for how it works best, how long to preheat, when to rotate your food, etc. This much is clear when you take a look at the Uuni Pro pizza oven. Flexible source of heat. The same could be said for the revolutionary Ooni Pro. This one has both – and I didn’t have to build an expensive, permanent traditional wood-fired oven to get it. (Others respond to those comments with recommendations to pre-heat the stones longer, or use more cornmeal dusting.). Today we’re looking at the Ooni Pro, their most recent and highest-end model. This is the appliance that will consistently deliver authentic, flame-cooked deliciousness, anywhere you take it with you. A toaster, microwave oven, air fryer, and blender. Even so, it’s about the same weight as a large bag of dog food! It will take some trial and error before you perfect your pizza making as far as timing and turning, but within no more than a minute or two your pizza should be done and ready for inhaling (after it cools a bit)…, (The Ooni Pro is apparently very good at heat retention even with the opening in the Pizza Door. To make that perfect crust, you really do need a piping hot oven and quality stones that can handle that heat without cracking. So, on the whole, I would definitely recommend this product. I’ve done some research on where to buy this product, and so far the best deal is through the Ooni website itself – they offer free shipping, but also a registered 3 year warranty. Although Ooni claims it's a portable oven, it's rather heavy and awkward to carry at 57lbs and with 4 loose tiles of expensive cordierite stone in the bottom that you don't want to have crack. But as it’s easier to see it done than read about the “how”, check out this video to see it in action: What’s the difference between Ooni and Uuni? Fully opening the flue will raise the temperature. 1) By adding more or less wood/charcoal. In this review, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Ooni Pro to support you in making an informed decision, so sit tight and let’s get to the fun details! What kind of wood should I use for the wood burning option? They began with calling themselves Uuni, but to Ooni as so many people had trouble pronouncing the name. Do I need to season the oven somehow when I first use it? Hook on the Pizza Door (with the post-box style entry), and slide the pizza onto the hot stone. Besides the size, the versatility of fuel sources is something that completely hooks me in. You can use a wire brush to clean the inside stones, and a small brush and pan or vacuum to sweep out ashes from the wood/charcoal tray. You can also check out this great comparison video, Wood Pellet Fire Pits (And Pellet Heaters), Wood Pellet Patio Heaters (And Fire Pits), 14 Best Battery Powered String Trimmers of 2020. In this Ooni Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven Review, I will discuss how it works, how well it works, some minor drawbacks with it, how it compares to other top rated outdoor pizza ovens, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online. Ooni Pro will be your companion in becoming a master of fire and bringing the family together over amazing meals. More air flow = more oxygen feeding the fire. The Ooni Pro is a newer model for the Ooni family. Over time this will become easier – most customers claim it takes a few burnt pizzas, unfortunately, to get the hang of the perfect cooking temperature. This means, cooking delectable flame-cooked dishes doesn’t have to be limited to your backyard. "Safe Touch" Silicone Skin around Oven Body. For nearly a decade, Scandinavian pizza oven manufacturer Ooni – formerly Uuni, has consistently reinvigorated the cooking world with industry-leading, advanced pizza ovens. Keep in mind that maintaining an even temperature throughout the cooking time isn’t exactly easy at first… count on a learning curve. Comes With 2 Doors: Oven Door and Pizza Door With Postbox Style Entry. By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether the Ooni Pro Pizza Oven is right for you. And an impressive 79% of people who reviewed this product on Amazon gave it the highest rating of  5 / 5 stars – so don’t take just my word for it. Cooking with a professional-grade pizza oven at home may be a new thing for you, but the Ooni Pro pizza oven makes it incredibly easy. The manual that comes with the oven provides maintenance suggestions. 2) Adjust the flue. Later on in this review we’ll see how the it compares with the Ooni 3, the long time popular pizza oven, but for now, let’s get an overview picture of the Ooni Pro. Selecting the perfect pizza oven for your needs can seem like a challenging task, especially when it’s uncharted territory. These are normal kitchen appliances you’d find in most households, and they have one thing in common – they’re so easy to use that anyone could operate them. They currently have 3 different models that all have high reviews: the Ooni Pro (multi-fueled), the Ooni 3 (solely wood fired), and the Ooni Koda (solely gas powered). You can turn the pizza through the opening in the door, as needed. If you are setting up your outdoor pizza oven in a more permanent location (as opposed to on a movable cart, for example), you should definitely get the cover to protect it from the elements. Cool so now that I am totally drooling while typing (why do I do this to myself?? Ooni pro oven review. I also really love that it can fit a 12″ cast iron pan inside it with room to maneuver – meaning I can make LOTS of incredible food in this.

ooni pro review

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