Olivine's color ranges from the deep green of peridot to the olive green of olives to the pale olive green of pale green olives. B. on top of the surface after being ejected into the air. D. on top of the surface. A. close to the surface but also just below it. Granite, the most well known example of an intrusive igneous rock, has a phaneritic texture. rises, the temperature stays the same but the pressure falls allowing the rock to start to melt. Texture – phaneritic (medium to coarse grained). Seriate - Phaneritic inequigranular magmatic texture in which grains range more or less continuously in size. Guess where the name "olivine" comes from? Example: Seriate textured olivine basalt under plane light Seriate Example 2: Seriate textured olivine basalt under crossed polarized light Skeletal – … Contrast with bimodal. Silica (SiO 2) content - < 45%. Phaneritic texture is sometimes referred to as coarse-grained igneous texture. chromite, magnetite. Texture: phaneritic; Composition: ultramafic (extremely enriched in iron and magnesium) Mineral Content: Mostly olivine with some pyroxene; Color: green; Cooling Rate: slow, intrusive; Extrusive Equivalent: rare; Other Characteristics: green, olivine-rich composition and granular texture GABBRO. Texture - phaneritic (coarse grained). Mineral content - generally olivine with lesser pyroxene ( augite) (dunite is dominantly olivine), always contains some metallic minerals, e.g. Question 21 of 25 Where do igneous rocks with a coarse-grained (phaneritic) texture form? Gabbro is an intrusive mafic plutonic rock. C. deep under the surface. A mass of pure olivine crystals thus forms a distinctive granular texture. The texture of an igneous rock made up entirely of crystals big enough to be easily seen with the naked eye is phaneritic. Generally stratification of light and dark minerals (layered gabbro), significant amounts of olivine (olivine gabbro) or high percentage of coarse crystals of plagioclase feldspar (löcogabbro). Group – Plutonic Igneous Rock Colour – Dark grey to black. An olivine crystal is normally a roundish lump 2 mm or less across. A. phaneritic texture, relatively low silica content: B. may be composed of grains of olivine and pyroxene phenocrysts: C. aphanitic or glassy texture: D. glassy and frothy texture: E. phaneritic texture, relatively high silica content: F. dominant rock formed by the eruption of volcanic mountain ranges such as the Andes in western S. America

olivine texture phaneritic

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