Despite popular opinion, using wood for fuel is actually eco-friendly. The least eco friendly combination is a solid fuel burning open fire. Whether you choose a contemporary wood-burning stove or a traditional woodburning stove, there is nothing quite like the atmosphere created by the flicker of a real flame. Well, the good news is that you don’t increase your carbon emissions when using wood as fuel. Many people wonder about the carbon emission when burning wood. In fact, if you are burning properly dried wood in an efficient appliance, such as a stove, it can be a carbon neutral way of heating your home. Wood burning itself isn’t necessarily bad for the environment. Highly Efficient & Eco Friendly Wood Burning Stoves. Being eco-friendly is incredibly important to Contura and we strive to ensure every one of our designs is environmentally smart. Can A Wood Burning Stove Be Eco-Friendly? Most people have heard the term “Ecodesign” being used in reference to wood burning stoves over the last few months, but many are still unclear as to exactly what it involves, how it works and when it will come into effect. Let’s check out the reasons why you should consider buying a wood-burning stove: Renewable. What is Ecodesign? 15 Eco-friendly stoves designed to reduce environmental pollution. Energy efficient wood burning stoves The experts at Contura are always refining the combustion efficiency in our stoves. From the conventional Chulhas used in villages to the more widely used LPG stoves in the cities, emission of greenhouse gases is one of the greatest of concerns of today.

most environmentally friendly wood burning stove

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