Facilitation is all about making something easier for a group and making the group comfortable with one another is an important part of the process. Activities that invite critical thinking while remaining simple are invaluable in a successful problem solving model – use the Impact and Effort Matrix to move from ideation and towards evaluating potential solutions before then committing to them. Consider bringing a facilitator to your problem solving session to get better results and generate meaningful solutions! Open space technology is a great format when you have a great deal of expertise and insight in the room and want to allow for different takes and approaches on a particular theme or problem you need to be solved. Here, you want to clearly articulate what the problem is and allow your group to do the same. By supporting the discussion of several problems at once and by shifting team roles throughout, this problem solving technique is a dynamic way of finding the best solution. Continue asking “Why” for four more times. How to Make Your Company Mentally and Emotionally Healthy? It can be scary for people to stand up and contribute to the problem solving process, especially if the problems or challenges are emotive or personal in nature. When I get back to the article, I take a look at it with a fresh set of eyes. By going from simple notes to a crazy 8s round that involves rapidly sketching 8 variations on their ideas before then producing a final solution sketch, the group is able to iterate quickly and visually. It’s important to give your group a moment to take a breath, ensure that they are clear on future actions, and provide short feedback before leaving the space. In Journalists, the group is invited to draft the front page of a fictional newspaper and figure out what stories deserve to be on the cover and what headlines those stories will have. "The Ultimate Guide toRemote Team Productivity" Get eBook, "The Ultimate Guide toRemote Team Productivity". These are called positive deviant (PD) behaviors and practices. A process of iterating and making small changes quickly can help generate momentum and appetite for solving large problems. DADs make it possible for people in the group, unit, or community to discover by themselves these PD practices. It’s easy to incur “death by feedback” should some team members go on for too long sharing their perspective in a quick feedback round. Moreover, if a problem happens at work, it will also give us information on things we need to fix. Lego Serious Play is a facilitation methodology that can be used to improve creative thinking and problem solving skills. World Cafe enables this approach by creating a relaxed atmosphere where participants are able to self-organize and explore topics relevant and important to them which are themed around a central problem solving purpose. Here are some problem solving activities you can use to effectively close a workshop or meeting and ensure the great work you’ve done can continue afterward. Give the How-Now-Wow Matrix a go, and not just for how pleasant it is to say out loud. They might roll a 3 and work on investigating factual information on the chosen topic. By using who, what, when, where, why and how to facilitate the conversation and encourage creative thinking, your team can make sure that the problem identification and problem analysis stages of the problem solving process are covered exhaustively and thoughtfully. You can help groups reflect on a shared experience in a way that builds understanding and spurs coordinated action while avoiding unproductive conflict. By introducing a structured parallel thinking process, it helps people to be more focused and mindfully involved in a discussion. For this reason alone, slow down and breathe – you will come up with more ways to tackle a problem. Want to see a problem solving model in action from start to finish? At some point, you’ll reach the true answer to your question and you can start looking for a solution. In other words, remove yourself from the situation. Now that you have all of your ideas in one place, it’s time to find the best one. 11 Brilliant problem-solving techniques nobody taught you, 15 Best Productivity Apps in 2020 – Save Money, Time and Effort, Office Holy Wars About Blocking Social Networking Sites, There is an ocean of creative problem-solving techniques for tackling any workplace issue, 6 Steps to Boost Your Productivity at Work, How Self Organization Impacts Work Results, Trello Pricing Scheme: How to Pay Less Every Month. For example, there is an extreme case of Yoshiro Nakamotso. Thinking creatively and not being afraid to make suggestions are important problem solving skills for any group or team, and warming up a problem solving workshop by encouraging these behaviors is a great way to start. Once participants have decided on their approach to the core theme, they write their issue on a piece of paper, announce it to the group, pick a session time and place, and post the paper on the wall. You begin by identifying a focus question and exploring the ways in which it manifests before splitting into five teams who will each consider the problem using a different method: escape, reversal, exaggeration, distortion or wishful. Doodling Together is one of our favorite creative ice breaker games – it’s quick, effective and fun and can make all following problem solving steps easier by encouraging a group to collaborate visually. Response Cards #debriefing #closing #structured sharing #questions and answers #thiagi #action. The Lego Challenge includes giving each member of the team an assignment that is hidden from the rest of the group while they create a structure without speaking. Your feedback matters. One breath feedback #closing #feedback #action. Are there any beliefs we should drop? Expert Tips and Practices. It helps you identify the positive sides of an idea and an excellent counterweight to the black hat. Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you! That said, there are some problem solving strategies and approaches that work best as root cause analysis tools and can be used as a root cause analysis template. The good news is, there are lots of tried and tested problem-solving techniques that you can use to easily solve difficult situations at work or in your personal life. What the lego challenge brings to the problem solving games ecosystem is a fun working example of what it is to work with different stakeholders who might not be on the same page and then move forward with a problem solving process that works for everyone. Dotmocracy #action #decision making #group prioritization #hyperisland #remote-friendly. Our emotional health is... Social networks are a huge part of our everyday lives, both in the office and at home. Required fields are marked *. You can also create buckets for ideas, such as “Rational choice”, “The best solution for everyone”, and others. Most people get stressed out at the very mention of a problem. Resistance to change evaporates as participants are unleashed to choose freely which practices they will adopt or try and which problems they will tackle. It can be hard to involve everyone during a closing of a session. Fortunately, there are plenty of online tools to make your life easier when…, Have you heard of Design Thinking? Creating the right group make-up is also important in ensuring you have the necessary expertise and skillset to both identify and follow-up on potential solutions. Bonus points if you are able to identify any sharks in the water and develop problem solving strategies that can also deal with outside parties. This simple and powerful method is useful for getting to the core of a problem or challenge. If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, you know the Sorting Hat very well. In other words, we limit our options by trying out proven solutions to problems instead of trying out something new and more efficient. Depending on the needs of the group, giving an alternative can help ensure everyone can contribute to your problem solving model in the way that makes the most sense for them. To explore creativity, possibilities, alternatives and fresh ideas, wear a hat in green. Thank you, I'll schedule my demo call next time. If you’re looking for an all-encompassing method or problem solving model, these processes are a great place to start. His Calm Room is actually a bathroom filled with 24-karat gold. Along those lines, there is a technique that Edward de Bono came up with, called The Six Hats. Here are some questions you can ask yourself: Does my app really meet my customers’ needs? The best solutions can take refinement, iteration and reflection to come out. An RCA or root cause analysis is the process of identifying the root causes behind business problems or recurring challenges or events. When you want to be positive, this hat is the one you should choose. If you are conducting a root cause analysis (RCA), this problem solving tool can provide the basis for a root cause analysis template that can guide a team successfully through the whole process. Open Space Technology #action plan #meeting facilitation #idea generation #problem solving #issue analysis, Open process for discerning necessary topics for discussion. This is the neutral hat that uses facts and figures required to solve a problem. If the group is too large, you can go round and round during the ideation stages.

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