[22], After having the same continuous dream, Nightcrawler and Kitty realized that Rachel might have been trying to telepathically reach them. [8], On Kurt’s twenty-first birthday, Jimaine transported Kurt’s soul to a simulacrum of Dante's hell. [72], Image Inducers: At one time, Kurt always wore his image inducer in public because he was afraid of how people would treat him because of his mutation. Soon after, the three of them were captured by the Russian government which demanded to know why all their mutants were depowered and why Colossus, Wolverine, and Nightcrawler retained their abilities. After arriving at Arnos' circus, Kurt impersonated Spider-Man, to draw-out the new assassin, and the duo battled Cutthroat. [19] Later Kurt's abilities returned, but it became more strenuous to teleport[20] and the X-Men were turned to X-Babies by Mojo, when they battled the New Mutants, until they were broken of their brainwashing and defeated the spineless one, Mojo. Ranked 19th on ComicsAlliance's "50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics" in 2013. [16] Before the team returned, Kurt again battled Arcade in Murderworld, this time, to save Judith Rassendyll. Mimic | When Kurt and Jean showed up in the battle they asked Kurt if he was a part of Wolverine's mind, however, he replied saying that he is the actual Nightcrawler. Nightcrawler | In the X-Men films, he was portrayed by Alan Cumming and Kodi-Smit McPhee young. Appalled, Wagner quit and made his way towards Winzeldorf, Germany, where Stephan was. Stacy X | His cremation and eulogy took place on Utopia. [49], The team was later resurrected by a group of mutants known as “the Five” (Eva Bell, Proteus, Hope Summers, Elixir and Goldballs). Kurt tried to stop both of them but was defeated.[41]. NightcrawlerThe Amazing NightcrawlerKurt Szardos (foster name, legally changed)ElfFuzzy ElfHerr IndigoDemonGainsboroughBamfGreat BoggieThe Flying FriendThe Daredevil DemonCaptainThe Magnificent MonsterFuzzy-Blue Karma | Praying to God to give him one last jump of his life, Kurt brought Hope to Utopia, dying on its shore. Powers/Skills Prodigy | They temporarily thwarted its attack and escaped. He has a prehensile tail, approximately 3'6" long, which could support his own weight. In addition to lacking a soul, many of the changes the X-Men had undergone, such as Professor Xavier's death, Wolverine's loss of his healing factor and Cyclops' secession and subsequent mutant revolution, rattled him. When the union of the two spawned Kurt, as an obvious mutant, or rather a "demon" as the townsfolk believed from his appearance, the villagers began demanding that the Baroness and her demon baby be put to death. Margali spun for Kurt a different tale of his birth, telling him that she had happened upon him one day as she was passing by a house and saw that his father appeared to have had a heart attack and his mother was laying beside him also dead. Bastion caught up with them, and anticipated one of Kurt's 'ports, putting his arm through Kurt's chest. Darwin | Gentle | Boom-Boom | Then the villagers of Winzeldorf, who assumed him to be a demon who was responsible for the child killings, discovered Wagner. Forge | Cyclops | Following the disbanding of Excalibur, Kurt returned to the United States along with Shadowcat and Colossus to rejoin the X-Men. [17], After battling Nimrod with the Hellfire Club as allies, Nightcrawler was gravely injured and was lost after he teleported. from the Lightning Force, alternate reality versions of themselves and negotiated the return of Dr. Moira Mactaggert. Nightcrawler is a mutant with the following abilities: Immortality: Nightcrawler cannot return from the afterlife due to sacrificing his soul in order to resurrect himself. [63] This means Kurt cannot die by any natural means.[64]. Wishing to further understand his true nature and seek forgiveness through action over that of prayer, Kurt accepted Xavier's offer and became part of his team of super heroes known as the X-Men. Both Wolverine and Nightcrawler gave their lives to finish Mystique's task to send the Mother Mold, the key in the development of Nimrod, into the sun. Despite the objections of the X-Men, Margali was allowed to stay with them while they figured out why they were under attack. The X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Archangel, M, Husk, Mystique and Nightcrawler) accomplished their goal, but the entire team was killed in the attack. Dying once more, Kurt ascended to the afterlife, only to be pulled into the Borderlands by Amanda Sefton. Eventually the crowds came less and less and Kurt was cast off. Northstar | [37], Despite being dead, Kurt somehow was able to still help his friends on occasion. Fearing the worst, Margali worked with Armen Freilich to free Kurt. Meanwhile, Mystique had an affair with the mysterious Azazel from La Isla des Demonas and became pregnant with their child. His mother was already an accomplished mercenary, but it is Kurt’s father who was the major driving force in … Bishop | Mystique passed out and left young Kurt Wagner floating down a river during her escape.[1]. Kurt was raised as Margali's foster child along with her own two children, Stegan and Amanda. Another motive for leaving was when the denizens of Winzeldorf invited him to visit the new Nightcrawler Museum dedicated to him. Elixir | He also accepted a role as an instructor at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where he helped train young mutants to use their powers. He soon learned that the local townsfolk tricked him and needed Nightcrawler's aid in defeating a monster called the Vielfras.

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