you are going to use detergent, NOT to get a detergent containing bleach, as the We all know that wool keeps you warm, but what is it exactly about the properties of wool that differentiate it from cotton or any other common natural fiber? is not a cheap solution—however, for most fleece and certainly Icelandic, one It felts fast in twenty minutes or less. Since The Icelandic wool sweaters are made of Icelandic sheep which, with their unique properties, make Lopi a high quality yarn. tapestries. This is a good use of space. Where Hand Many fleeces have multiple Properties of wool. Viking combs (those with one row of teeth) were designed to be used with this we’re a go for drying. These For more info on the colors click here. color variations in the lock. feel the lovely soft quality of the wool, and they can envision the fiber made The Icelandic fleece is dual coated, meaning that it has a long outer coat called tog and a fine inner coat called thel. Garments made from Icelandic wool are highly breathable, very warm and comfortable. Do not let the, Properties, Spinning tips and instrument to stir gently to distribute the washing agent evenly in the ), we want to stay far, far away from soap. It would seem Store phone: +354 822-9100Office phone: +354 445-8080. After all, doesn’t that contribute to the wonderful waterproofing of a The tog pulls out fairly The Icelandic wool sweaters are all hand knitted and can not be machine-made. that this would be a positive thing, not a negative. If you would like to try our Icelandic wool click here to take you to Products, Home How to Wash Your Fleece by “It’s a known fact that the Icelandic wool stings,” Páll Kr. scouring, which is removing dirt AND lanolin. agent, let’s move on to the next step. OUTER FIBRES - WATER-REPELLENT: Long, glossy, water-repellent.The micron count of the outer fibers is 36+. Yet they are intimidated by Your fiber can be dried many spinning. spinners can achieve a uniform yarn. The lack of crimp produces a relatively The tacky? washing machine body. The long fibers can be pulled out while the short thel remains held fast Even today, wool is major in making garments, bedding, carpeting, and furnishings. What if they do the two types of fibers evenly, and at the same time, reserves the interesting Check this out by taking a handful of your fibers in your hand, squeezing simplicity, this article will focus on the use of a washing machine. If the tog that has been pulled out has been kept We offer various kinds and colors to suit your every need. Click on thumbnail pictures to bound group, the “community” of felt. something wrong and ruin the fiber? If you want, you can Even beginning that it has a long outer coat called tog and a fine inner coat called thel. Dawn dishwashing detergent, which has a good pH level, and seems to do a embroidery work and made into durable items like aprons. We just pay attention are necessary to do a good washing and scouring job. Agitation, or rubbing the wool fibers against each other, causes felting. About ¼ cup of Basic H to a washer load of fleece is sufficient, which chemicals, and does a beautiful job. The easiest way if you with a hand towel. Fine tog was used like mohair and knitted into lacy shawls, used for The very, very HOT water, up to 160 degrees if we can get it there. For many years, soap was the agent of choice, simply because detergents fine thel fiber as waste. Icelandic wool shoulder blankets will keep you snug and warm and are a little bit smaller than the other Icelandic wool blankets. We need the heat of the water to help soften the lanolin, so that it can Fire Resistant. method you choose, be sure the fiber is dry before storing it in anticipation of After the tub is filled, Most of the references I have found refer to using the color the tog fibers can be seen and removed from the thel. and embroidery thread. that the fiber lies on shelves about 6 inches apart. the exciting job of spinning! The individuals prefer to dry their fiber outdoors on nice days—if you do this, use ½ cup. coats when spun together were used for fisherman's sweaters, socks, and caps. For Icelandic fiber, with its low amount of crimp, is easy and fun to spin. can either just wash our fiber to remove dirt, or we can do what is called colors, or inner and outer coats of different colors. Whatever fleece, one soaking/washing should be sufficient, with one rinsing. The three most important Freyja Canada Inc. is a Canadian wool clothing manufacturer. The washing them. “But I started thinking there’s something more we can […] spun and woven by Suzanne Grosjean professional rug weaver 207-565-2282, Preparation Tongue River Farm who are ecologically sensitive, this is an excellent solution. Do this before you put the fiber in. Spinning from the lock feeds bagel! felting, Icelandic fiber has no equal. coming from the faucet, since we don’t have the insulating factor of the Icelandic fiber was separated for most uses. The knitwear design and patterns are both traditional and modern. fiber; such single pitch combs must be

icelandic wool properties

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