Do you want to work as an independent injector running your own business offering dermal filler and wrinkle relaxing treatments? You will also need to pay a registration fee, which is currently £120. Toxins such as Botox are prescription-only medicines, and so to work on your own you will need to be a qualified prescriber, otherwise you will only be able to provide these treatments if you always work alongside another doctor or nurse who has the qualification. There are a few different roles for nurses within the aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery industry, so think about your end goal when deciding which route to take. Telephone: 0117 405 8739 If you’ve already had experience of working with surgical teams or providing pre- and post-operative care in the public sector, you’ll have the essential skills needed for a role in cosmetic surgery. With companies usually paying a fair basic salary with the chance to earn a very good rate of commission on sales, these roles can earn you a great income, but do remember that a good deal of travel will be involved, and you’ll sometimes have to work late or at weekends, especially when trade shows are on. Use the NHS careers website to find a nursing degree course or to read information on nursing career options. read information on nursing career options, British Association of Cosmetic Nurses website,, Working hours: the importance of a fair work-life balance, Introducing new staff members to your clinic and clientele. These are the steps you’ll need to take to get there. There are some really rewarding benefits of becoming a ‘Botox Nurse’ also known as an Aesthetic Nurse in today’s current climate: 1. Just remember that it is likely that you will be trained in a range of skin and body treatments, but not necessarily injectables, and it is not common for employers to pay for you to complete your V300. After obtaining the required degree and license, the next step is to gain a 2-year experience before applying for the certification, even though the said certification is not required, it would show the employer of one’s capabilities. Because of that, I don’t want to answer your question and risk giving you the wrong answer! Prices vary but on average you can expect to pay £700 per day. Though you may get practical experience on your nursing degree, actually doing the job day-in, day-out for a few years will help you expand your skill set far more, and it will give you valuable experience communicating with a wide range of patients. Hello! Can anyone recommend a company to do the training with? None of these courses benefit from accreditation and we recommend thoroughly researching all available courses. The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses website. Apologies is this is not the right forum for this post. If you have practical experience of using aesthetic laser devices, cosmeceuticals, or toxins, and you can demonstrate that you have sales experience, perhaps prior to or during your nursing career, and the ability to sell to business owners and senior medical professionals, field sales could be for you. A better work-life balance. If you want to work as a nurse in the UK, in either the public or private sector, you will need to complete a nursing degree. Remember that if you work as an employee in a clinic before you become an independent injector/prescriber, you gain valuable experience of the industry and get to train in a range of extra treatments, so this gives you a great grounding for setting up your own aesthetics practice in future. There are lots of full and part time Cosmetic Nurse opportunities for those wanting to work in aesthetic clinics and we give all training delegates a list of live vacancies from clinics across the UK when they attend the course. I went to college to become a Registered Nurse (RN), and then entered into the Aesthetic Industry. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a cosmetic surgery nurse. Please note however that there will be an expectation of the following: If you are already a nurse independent prescriber, the NMC allow you justify your decision to prescribe. PO Box 3434, Bristol, BS5 5HL This is very helpful, I have been searching for years into Aesthetic nursing and I’ve always found it a very grey area! Cosmetic Courses are the UK’s most established aesthetic training provider, with centres in Buckinghamshire, London, Kent, Birmingham and Manchester. Botox®) or their use in managing complications. The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses recommends that you gain at least three years of general adult nursing experience before you move into aesthetic nursing. This would be in order to further develop your skills in general nursing after qualifying and bring firm foundations of nursing practice into the aesthetic arena. Find out more about Aesthetic Nurse training. If you’re interested in working in the aesthetic medicine industry, the adult nursing pathway will provide you with the best grounding for your future career, and will be preferred by employers in this industry. What happens if I don´t have that and wan to apply directly to aesthetic nurse. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. These courses usually (and should) only offer certificates of attendance, rather than proficiency, since it is not possible to become proficient within a day.

how to become an aesthetic nurse uk

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