2. Cubed Cheddar and Colby Cheese –  $3.42 per 16 oz block We make batches and freeze the dough balls for quick, fresh tortillas every Taco night. (Remember though, only buy what you’ll actually enjoy eating.). Make a dough with three and a half cups of all-purpose flour, one cup of water a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of salt and one packet of yeast. Dressing(Staple). This means, you guessed it, cooking from scratch, and it can range from working with raw meat and uncooked rice instead of frozen pre-cooked meat and rice in a frozen steam bag, to literally making your own tortillas (which I truly recommend!). Stock up on these items frozen to make a variety of meals in the week. Knead the dough until supple and elastic. Cinnamon – Pantry staple. Cod, Tilapia, Pollock, Halibut are all examples, but their prices will vary depending on your location, so be sure to price check. In other words: ALWAYS cook what you will actually eat. The ‘world food’ aisle at the supermarket is a great place to bulk buy, potatoes - boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew! This makes about 4 with avocado, 10 without. Small Avocado – 0.68 each (depending on your location) lean red meat - beef mince or Quorn can be made several ways such as cottage pie, lasagne, burgers and meatballs. Salad Dressing – Staple. But after a little exploration, you’ll find that most of these cost-saving meals come with a different, more important price tag – your health! Both restaurants and ready-made meals have an enormous mark up that will hit your wallet hard, and restaurants incur tipping costs on top of that. This is crazy to me, as raisins are sweet enough on their own! But unlike beans and rice, people don’t really mind living off a good Stir Fry. simple tips to eating healthy on a budget: Opt for cheaper protein sources like lentils, chickpeas, beans, eggs, quinoa & tofu – even one or two meatless meals per week can save you tons of money! Look, you are a busy person and I respect your time. Pizza gets a bad wrap for being junk food. Make 8 patties and bake at 375 degrees for 8 minutes on each side. One crucial way is to make ahead. Chili Powder (Staple) Chop up 1 tablespoon of chopped up rosemary. Brown Rice – $1.12 per 2 lbs For this filling breakfast, fry bacon (or sausage), scramble some eggs and top with some shredded cheese and any hot sauce you like. HOW you are going to cook it is just as important. Swiss Chard -$2.48 per bunch. An easy crowd-pleaser that kids love. Try these healthy vegetarian recipes on BBC Good Food. For free and impartial money advice go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk or call us on 0800 138 7777. Saute one chopped white onion until translucent, add two cans of diced tomatoes, one can of tomato paste diluted in red wine and the remaining red wine (about 3 cups) into the pot. Carrots and Celery Sticks – $1.78 (Prepare these vegetable sticks instead of buying pre-cut to keep costs down). Raisins – $2.78 per 20 oz 24 Full Meals and Snacks to Satisfy Your Appetite and Your Wallet. A baking stone can improve the quality of your crust, but either way, it will be delicious. But this salad is quick and refreshing on its own. Mix until well combined and knead until a smooth elastic dough forms (about 5 minutes). Strawberry Jam – $1.97 per 18 oz For example, go online for more price options on tahini for making hummus or baba ganoush, almond or cashew butters and tofu. Budget Tip: Budget-friendly canned fish, like tuna and wild salmon, are cheap and convenient options for fast and healthy dinners. Pre-Cooked Grilled Chicken Tenders – $4.49 per 12 oz (shop sales and store brands if you aren’t going to cook this yourself.) Red Pepper Flakes –Staple But first, let’s talk about HOW, contrary to everything we seem to believe in the U.S., can a meal plan be healthy and cheap? The more you cook at home, the easier and more enjoyable cooking at home will become. Baked Sweet Potato Fries – $0.98 per lbs Avocado – 68¢ each (Try to get them in-season, especially if you are in a warmer climate and live closer to where the crop is grown). Paprika – Staple Lettuce (In-Season) – $0.98 per head Plan filling lunch options that you can enjoy cold, such as a pasta salad with leftover chicken from a weekend roast, or a quiche which is cheap to buy ready made and is also cheap to make with frozen pastry, eggs, ham or leftover veg. Frozen Peas & Carrots – $1.18 per 16oz (store brands have the best prices) This includes making bread dough and freezing it so that it can be defrosted and used when needed. Before we begin, you should have a properly stocked pantry of staple foods and some ability to cook from scratch. So after cleaning up from dinner, make sure to take out what you need for your next meal. Your cooking method is going to dictate so much and will depend on the amount of time you have or want to spend doing this.

healthy meal plans on a budget

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