I recognize everyone's scalp and hair is different but I feel like these expensive products didn't live up to any of their promises. I do think the key thing is to not use too much and to rinse, rinse, rinse!Clearly it works for me, and I will definitely keep buying it. I have now stopped wasting my money as I have seen no benefits in thinning, it does not give volume of shine, not worth it at allUPDATE: I was reached out by their customer service after my review on social media, offering to reimburse, kind of thing that looks really good on a negative comment, "unsatisfied, no problem!" I wish I’d read these reviews before I… I wish I’d read these reviews before I bought but I was sucked into the advertisement and the promise of wonderful hair. Lousy customer care. Such a shame the product wasn't right for me as the customer service from the company was amazing! Having previously been hesitant about switching to a new hair care routine, the Hairstory New Wash came along at just the right time for us and provided a happy medium between our current shampoo and conditioner … Hairstory Hair Balm Review. This is the Perfect Time to Learn How to Dance. You\'ll receive the next newsletter in your inbox. Markdowns on everything from skincare to jeans to kitchen appliances. I constantly have build-up from the dry shampoo and flakes and my scalp is so dry it bleeds. Denmark’s Slaughtered Mink Are Reportedly Rising From Their Graves. Another advantage is that my hair lasts longer between washes than it ever did before, and in fact looks better ( for me that's more body) in the days after the day it was washed. I thought I just needed to get through the "transition phase" but things are worse than they've ever been. This product isn't very good for fine hair. I didn’t actually monitor my scalp’s oil levels afterwards, but I did notice that my hair had a lightness to it that stuck around longer than it usually does. Today, HS HQ resides in the Flatiron district (both Gordon and his shoe-free home are no longer associated with the company). Prior to using New Wash, I already was washing my hair 1-2x a week with a HiBar. I emailed them to say it wasn’t working for me and how do I arrange to return it. I would have had to wash it every day, and my hair still would look horrible. Hairstory's hero product is the New Wash, quite literally a new way to wash your hair, and their remaining products form a capsule collection that covers any and all bases. I've been trimming them more and more than usual just so they don't get knotted and so I can brush through it. I used a little, then a lot, tried leaving it in longer, used the shower brush.. Made my hair very greasy (even though I put in the greasy option during my hair quiz, and took their recommendation of the Deep wash) and it didn’t change after a couple months of trying it. I tried it for a month and it took so much product to even have my hair feel like it even was washed. I received a generic response from their customer service which I did not respond to (how annoying when the response asks you questions you have already answered!) Of course, when I read about an all-natural shampoo replacement buzzing on beauty blogs called Hairstory New Wash ($40, shophairstory.com), I was skeptical. I tried not blow drying it, blow drying it later.. nothing worked. But with New Wash, I tried to still go 1-2x a week, but my hair got so greasy and unmanageable that I had to go every other day. First, I chose the basic New Wash formula, which has a slightly minty scent that reminds me of the forest — it seems that’s a result of oils like clove, rosewood, and balsam among the fragrances they use — but it doesn’t leave any discernable scent after washing.. Then…shower time. This is really important. I’ve got longish, medium texture, type 1-2, hennaed hair. Don’t waste your money!! Left my hair soooooooooo greasy!! This app taught me how to do a routine in heels. This product is a joke!!!! At first the product left my hair sticky/greasy and flat. I can’t see advantage of using it over regular shampoo and to wash hair is a lengthy process and it’s expensive if you need to use it every day. Driven by the belief that commonly-used ingredients like sulfates and silicones were aggravating our hair (one of its founders also founded Bumble and bumble), they created New Wash in 2003.

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