Please call Rey’s cell phone at 707-732-6152. It is attractive to use as a formal hedge or... [ LEARN MORE LITTLE OLLIE ], Wilsonii olive trees are popular, fruitless and easy-to-grow evergreen shade trees. Olive trees are available in a variety of sizes and maturities. It develops...[ LEARN MORE SEVILLANO ], Predominantly used for commercial production, these Cerignola olive trees grow the largest olives in the world and originate in the Puglia region of Italy. Attractive, refined appearance to the upright, open crown of this superior patio or garden When landscaping is planned and executed utilizing natural topography, selecting trees well adapted to the specific climate and conditions, and choosing varieties best suited to the site and upkeep requirements, buyers will be enticed by the drama and stately form that are the hallmark of olive trees and the benefits of well-planned site design. Plant with Italian Cypress … Fruitless Olive trees crave full sun and are able to tolerate poor, stony, shallow soils so you can plant this tree on a variety of landscape styles. Sold From California. This enables significant savings with transport costs. The Olive Tree Farm will work closely with you to develop a complete plan and select, deliver and install olive trees best suited for the specifications you and your clients require. What stands out about this new fruitless olive tree is its EXCEPTIONALLY FAST GROWTH & LITTLE LEAF DROP! Great addition to your Mediterranean themed landscape. It is best known for its Tuscan origins and delicate flavor profile. It thrives in hot, dry regions. Please call the Olive Tree Farm at 707-732-6152. They have been excavated with a tree spade and transplanted into either a 400L, 200L or 100L woven poly bag. The majestic beauty is ... [ LEARN MORE WILSONII ], The Majestic Beauty olive tree is an attractive, fruitless cultivar, with a refined appearance to the upright, open crown of this...[ LEARN MORE MAJESTIC BEAUTY ], Pendolino is named for its pendulous branching characteristic, making it ideal for manual fruit cultivation. The Majestic Beauty olive tree is an attractive cultivar, with a refined appearance to the upright, open crown of this superior evergreen patio or garden tree that does not produce messy mature fruit. ‘Wilsonii’ is a fruitless variety that produces little to … It is … We’re often out irrigating the nursery or speaking with customers; if you don’t reach us, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly. Swan Hill Fruitless Olive Trees & Fruiting. olive trees, fruitless olives, compost tea, compost, topsoil,Tree Nursery, family run, one gallon up to 300 year old field dug trees. Call us on our direct cell # 707-732-6152 SONOMA, CALIFORNIA. We will process the personal data you have supplied in accordance with our privacy policy. We work in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Monterey … Never has there been a new olive tree to come along that has all of the great qualities of olives such as drought tolerant, multi or single trunk, beautiful bark, able to withstand temperatures of extreme highs (100-120) and periods of low teens. This majestic beauty is a wonderful addition to many types of landscapes. Wholesale Olive Trees For Sale - Fruitless & Fruiting, Swan Hill fruitless olive trees ready to go, Installing fruitless olive trees in Corte Madera, California, Mature olive trees available for purchase, Installing Swan Hill fruitless olive trees, Swan Hill olive trees available for purchase, We have many mature olive trees for purchase, Installing some of our fruitless olive trees, Newly purchased mature olive trees being prepared for planting, Installing our fruitless olive trees on top of a skyscraper in Oakland, California. Due to their size... [ LEARN MORE CERIGNOLA ], Ancient olive trees are prized for their beauty and attractive, silvery green foliage. Deep green leaves have silvery green undersides. ! Olive Trees For Sale. Toggle navigation THE OLIVE TREE FARM Wholesale Olive Trees For Sale - Fruitless & Fruiting. These bagged trees are pruned to around 2.7m so that they can be transported upright and loaded with a forklift. free delivery. Let us help you find your olive tree solution quickly and efficiently. Its gray-green leaves are narrow and long, giving it an airy appearance. We’ll help you overcome the obstacles and challenges of insuring that the correct tree is chosen for the right location. You can also purchase olive trees in 24", 36", 48" and 60" boxes. If you prefer to avoid the frustrations of stained stonework, wood decking or hardwood flooring and the expense associated with seasonal spraying to limit fruit … Low pollen, fruitless, evergreen tree has attractive, gray-green, billowy foliage. All across Italy, it is considered... [ LEARN MORE LECCINO ], This is a dwarf, non-fruiting evergreen with a graceful, multi-branching habit. Highly adaptable, Arbequina produces abundantly in hot dry climates... [ LEARN MORE ARBEQUINA ], After the Arbequina and Arbosana, Koroneiki olive trees are the most widely grown throughout Greece. One of our most popular and easiest to grow evergreen shade trees. It’s characterized by early fruit production and by its adaptability to different soils and climates... [ LEARN MORE CORATINA ], The ‘Swan Hill’ fruitless olive tree grows and looks like a normal fruiting olive tree, but it doesn’t produce the messy fruit. The ex ground olive trees are around 22-25 years old. 19500 Cypress RoadSonoma, California 94576, In addition to Sonoma and Napa counties in California, we also serve Anaheim, El Dorado Hills, Fresno, Las Vegas and North Las Vegas, Nevada, Greater Los Angeles, Livermore, Modesto, Monterey County, Oakland, Roseville, Sacramento County, San Diego County, The San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Barbara County, Santa Cruz County, San Jose County, Walnut Creek, and Ukiah, NOW OPEN Tuesday - Saturday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm | Sundays by Appointment Only | CLOSED: 11/24-11/29 & 12/24-1/2, HOLIDAYS: Closed Nov. 26 – 29, and Dec. 24 – Jan. 2, 2021, Please wear a mask at all times on premises.

fruitless olive tree for sale

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