This means it may need to be adjusted more often. This might just be the worst-kept secret of the guitar world in 2018: The new Mexican-made Fender Player Series is a revamp of the whole Fender Standard line-up, with some tweaks and a new, updated Jaguar model. To many, the traditional, dual single coil Telecaster is perfect just the way it is. As a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, this site may earn from qualifying purchases. So how does the semi-hollow version impact on tone? Yes, the Modern Player is manufactured in China (MIC), much to the surprise of anyone who has previously associated Fender solely with USA and Mexico. As opposed to the traditional standard design that typically holds at least one of the pickups, it now contains a humbucker at the bridge. Required fields are marked *. by Cynthia Swearingen | Sep 19, 2017 | Fender Guitars, Guitar Brands | 1 comment. This guitar features a sturdier body, a wide selection of modern finishes, three mismatched pickups, a five way switch and coil tap and more. Let’s find out more about its features and other characteristics that sets it apart from the Standard model. The Fender Modern Player Telecaster is highly favored for its wide range of tones, which is well capable of providing both clean and beat tones, as well as dirty tones due in part to the addition of the humbucker on the bridge. The Telecaster and the Stratocaster — two instruments that set the standard for electric guitars since their inception in the 1950s.. This is especially true when paired with a high quality amp. Fender Modern Player Telecaster. In fact, with the Modern Player Tele, all you need is one guitar. The addition of five position switching for the three pickups, as opposed the Standard Tele’s three position switching, also allows for a greater range of tones. In fact, it offers many updated features over the Standard Telecaster. But Fender couldn't ignore the growing demand for a more versatile, modernised version. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Another variation between the Modern Player Telecaster and the Standard Telecaster is the addition of jumbo frets as opposed to the Standard Tele’s medium jumbo frets, which is especially beneficial for soloists. “Lastly, the Modern Player Tele has a pine body as opposed to the softer alder body of the Standard Tele. ​The bridge plate on the MP sits back from the bridge pickup, unlike the traditional long-style plate on the Standard, which surrounds the pickup. And, unlike the traditional elongated plate which surrounds the pickup on the Standard Tele, the Modern Player’s bridge plate is positioned back from the bridge pickup. It’s just perfect for tonal experimentation. It also contains vintage style bent saddles as opposed to the more chic black saddles available on the Standard Tele. At the mid-price level, enter the Modern Player Telecaster Plus (Modern Player for short), with three distinctly wired pickups … The most obvious difference between the Fender Modern Player Tele and the Standard Tele is the addition of the humbucker on the bridge. It provides a glassier, heartier sound as compared to the Standard Tele’s single coil sound. However, it still contains the same comfortable body fitting contours and armrests for maximum comfort during hours of play. When activated, the split channel function gives the humbucker a brighter, narrower coil sound that differs from the standard coil output. The Modern Player Tele features three different HSS pickups: a humbucker at the bridge, a single Strat pickup in the center, and a single pickup at the neck. The Fender Modern Player Telecaster features a sturdy pine body with beautiful wood grain. We may also earn commissions on purchases from other retail websites. Your email address will not be published. In addition, the bridge humbucker includes a split channel function. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Strat single coil in the center, allows for a uniquely sharp but smooth sound. A slight difference in playability, with the Modern Player fitted with jumbo frets as opposed to the more typical medium jumbos on the Standard. It also contains vintage style bent saddles as opposed to the more … The Modern Player's mis-matched HSS pickups open up the Telecaster to a whole new world of tonal experimentation. It is more prone to dents, so it makes for a sturdier, more durable, long-lasting instrument. The price of the Modern Player also makes it an attractive choice; in many cases can be hundreds less than the Standard Tele. The Modern Player and the Standard Tele also differ in price, with the cheapest being the Modern Player. To many, the traditional, dual single coil Telecaster is perfect just the way it is. The Thinlinestill recreates the classic chime and twang only now a slightly more hollow and rounder variation of the classic Tele sound. They are connected to a set of standard tone and volume knobs, which offers tons of variability. One of the most unique features of the Fender Modern Player Telecaster is that its bridge is similar to a Strat. Additionally, the Modern Player Tele is available in a wide variety of stunning finishes, including Honey Burst, Black, Transparent, Vintage White, Aged Cherry Burst, Blonde and more, for a more updated look. Or, you could simply enjoy Telecaster’s more traditional tone, via the single coils, by shutting off the humbucker. Starting with the tuners, the Standard's Fender Cast machines are without a doubt the superior of the two. Modern Player Vs Standard Telecaster. But Fender couldn't ignore the growing demand for a more versatile, modernised version. It also has a single cutaway for easy access to the upper frets. In addition, it has a 9.5 radius lacquered maple fretboard with jumbo frets and Fender vintage tuners for ease of play. All these characteristics makes it one of the most stylish yet versatile Fender guitars available. Meanwhile, the middle Stratocaster pickup allows for that Jimi Hendrix/Stevie Ray Vaughn “twang” that more aggressive players appreciate.

fender player vs standard telecaster

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