So certain is the ore-bearing formation that engineers in estimating its auriferous contents feel justified in assuming, as a factor in their calculations, a vertical extension limited only by the lowest depths at which mining is feasible. In a sense it serves also as a national reserve, and has already been an important factor in the preservation of the American bison. factor in something definition: to consider information, esp. must have already had a wife and son when he escaped from Rome, and it seems to me highly improbable that such a material factor in the situation would have been left out of account in Polybius's full narrative. When a, b, X are regarded as constant, the first factor may be omitted, - as indeed should be done for consistency's sake, inasmuch as other factors of the same nature have been omitted already. The publication in book form (March 20, 1852) was a factor which must be reckoned in summing up the moving causes of the war for the Union. observing that any factor 1/I-x l is=l+x l +x 2l +..., we see that in the term Nx the coefficient is equal to the number of partitions of n, with the parts I, 2,, ..,withh repetitions. The existence of such forms seems to have been brought to Sylvester's notice by observation of the fact that the resultant of of and b must be a factor of the resultant of Xax+ 12 by and X'a +tA2 for a common factor of the first pair must be also a common factor so we obtain P: = of the second pair; so that the condition for the existence of such common factor must be the same in the two cases. In all these lesser orders may be discerned the tendency of a return to the elements of Eastern monasticism discarded by St Benedict - to the eremitical life; to the purely contemplative life with little or no factor of work; to the undertaking of rigorous bodily austerities and penances - it was at this time that the practice of self-inflicted scourgings as a penitential exercise was introduced. Say is considered to have brought out the importance of capital as a factor in production more distinctly than the English economists, who unduly emphasized labour. Human error may have been a contributing, 26. In the advance of their molar teeth from a tritubercular to a grinding type, the author traces a curious parallelism between marsupials and placentals. The Hessian in that case is a factor of f, and Q is the third power of u2,... take and Uk = (af) k ai k the linear factor which occurs to the second power in f. The quartic will have two pairs of equal roots, that is, will be a perfect square, if it and its Hessian merely differ by a numerical factor. There is hardly any increase in the intestinal secretion, the drug being emphatically not a hydragogue cathartic. It is the law of diminishing returns from land, involving as it does - though only hypothetically - the prospect of a continuously increasing difficulty in obtaining the necessary sustenance for all the members of a society, that gives the principal importance to population as an economic factor. Unemployment is the single It was first employed in the case of steam by Peabody as a means of estimating the wetness of saturated steam, which is an important factor in testing the performance of an engine. the greatest number which is a factor of both. He took her to church on Sunday, complimented her attire and fussed over her as if her injured shoulder was a disabling factor. He found that pressure increases luminosity, so that hydrogen, for example, the flame of which in normal circumstances gives no light, burns with a luminous flame under a pressure of ten or twenty atmospheres, and the inference he drew was that the presence of solid particles is not the only factor that determines the light-giving power of a flame. The most striking meteorological factor in Egypt is the persistence of the north wind throughout the year, without which the climate would be very trying.

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