A platoon of border soldiers had to be deployed to remove her to base as she was in contested territory. I think I agree with you in that a reason to do this would be to start a discussion. Excellent and very thoughtfully written post that I think highlights and touches on some very “every day” dilemmas for many travellers. Example case: You’re visiting a small hill tribe village in Northern Thailand. Animals in tourism – know when to stay away. I don’t really understand what is wrong with getting into a cage and watch some sharks coming at you. I think a photograph almost never worth a payment because lots of people don’t mind getting photigraphed but more important. Great post! They have good burgers. I don’t choose to go to countries where the authorities are committing ethnic cleansing. And even more making money in blogs, exhibitions etc. Toen ik vertelde dat olifantenritjes helemaal niet tof zijn, omdat die dieren op gruwelijke wijze worden behandeld om ze zo tam te krijgen beseften sommige reizigers dat ze daar eigenlijk nooit over hadden nagedacht. Thanks you so much for reading :)! Hiernaast is het ook belangrijk of reizigers zich open stellen voor de ‘ethiek’. And what do/will you do? Here’s where I’ve landed on these eight: 1. I would ask a biologist if the attraction is ok, if my own knowledge is not sufficient. I somehow missed your comment. Also, as I greatly appreciate your writing and topics, I feel honored by your kind words. I think a lot about stuff like this, and really we all should. In that case the portrait is part of that story. :). I hope it will do the same for you. They often have never seen bubbles and have so much fun playing and being kids. In February 2018 I visited the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia (foreign government advice: do not travel there). They then ordered themselves another lunch, and the boy left with the biggest smile tucking into the burgers as he walked. Apparently these are the most 16 dangerous countries according to the Foreign Office. Instead I did a baited shark dive, which I also slightly regretted now. Are we commercializing cultural festivals and traditions? This was a great read and so well researched and structured. However, this also may have influence on shark behavior in the long-run. The way I see it, they are actually working a unique job by spending time in popular areas in the city, dressed up and encouraging people to take a photo with them. I could of so easily of done the exact same but didn’t. Hi John, good point! Onwetendheid blijft een probleem. I avoid foreign-owned places both for eating and sleeping. How to Win The Great Visa Game of Southern Africa & Central Asia. Support local shops and operators. Ik ben ook erg benieuwd naar wat andere mensen lastige dilemma’s op reis vinden :), Nogmaals veel dank voor het lezen en je comments Jessica! And maybe foreign owners even stimulate the quality of the surrounding local guesthouses and the economy in general? And they answered that they do ‘allow’ travel to Tibet, but in a responsible way with a Tibetan guide and Tibetan accommodation as this trip overview from another traveler describes. Glad you recognized some of the dilemmas! Example case: You’re currently backpacking in Central Asia, and you’ve heard quite a few stories from fellow travelers who hopped over to Afghanistan, to explore Wakhan Valley or even traveled all the way to Kabul. I had a Tibetan tour guide, a Tibetan driver and obviously ate at local restaurants. At the moment, no real restrictions, but probably wouldn’t go to Myanmar right now. Ik heb vroeger waarschijnlijk echt wel over de gevolgen van olifant rijden gehoord, maar op dat moment stelde ik mij er toch niet voor open en was de ‘leuke olifanten rit’ blijkbaar toch te aantrekkelijk. The travel and tourism industry brings a lot of ethical issues including leakage of income, green issues ethics, false advertisement ethics, unethical consumer issues and ethics of employment.

ethical issues in travel and tourism industry

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