FJ: I imagine that over the years you had your Olympic dialed in when it came to mic’ing. Masterbilt Series Epiphone’s first Masterbilt archtops quickly rose to popularity during the 1930s “Big Band” era and were renowned for their warm woody tone, wide tonal range and punchy volume. But, listen closely to Rawling’s excellent 2017 album Poor David’s Almanack, and you might notice something has changed. For over a decade, David Rawlings has been synonymous with one guitar: The humble, small-bodied 1935 Epiphone Olympic archtop. It was $3000 or something at the time and this is at a time where $300 would have been way out of my price range! Dove Studio. $459.00. Finally, I came up with one. January 26 /// Asheville, NC /// Orange Peel Body binding is single-ply; there’s no fretboard binding and the markers are simple pearloid dots. $750.00. George is a very interesting guy and has been a good friend for many years. Read more about Rawlings and Welch’s current guitar lineup (and more) in the forthcoming Fretboard Journal #41, Winter 2017/2018 issue). The tuners are mounted on an Epiphone Dovewing headstock with pearloid "Banner" logos. December 01 /// Burlington, VT /// Higher Ground Ballroom I sure wish Gibson would do a modern reissue … And, as Rawlings’ profile has slowly grown from Americana sideman to all-around guitar hero, he’s singlehandedly raised 1 Finish Options . December 02 /// Albany, NY /// Hart Theatre at The Egg January 18 /// Athens, GA /// Georgia Theatre So having something that straddled the line was nice. And with this D’Angelico, it really fits the bill. It sounds like what happened is Homer sent D’Angelico a Stromberg to get repaired. $200.00. $95.00 shipping. One of Epiphone's most sought-after acoustic archtop models today was at one point among the company's least expensive offerings. 1 Finish Options . It’s really a marvelous instrument. 32 watching. I’ve found over the years that by-and-large if I’m using a guitar the way I use a guitar when I’m playing with Gillian, the combination of the two microphones I always use – which is an old [Neumann] M 49 on my vocal and then a Sony C37 on the guitar. I went in there for some reason. March 07 /// Grants Pass, OR        /// Rogue Theater 1 Finish Options . November 29 /// Boston, MA /// Wilbur Theatre January 17 /// Chattanooga, TN /// Tivoli Theater I have photocopies of the letters that kind of went back and forth. That didn’t work out. $369.00. L-00 Studio. Yes, his songwriting is still stellar and Rawlings trademark runs – shades of Norman Blake, Jerry Garcia and Doc Watson – aren’t going anywhere but that guitar tone is bit more robust. February 28 /// Santa Rosa, CA /// Luther Burbank Center for the Arts J-45. Explore Epiphone Inspired by Gibson. We’ve seen it accompany Rawlings as much as his music partner Gillian Welch does, which is to say, always. And not just any guitar… a 1959 D’Angelico Excel that was custom ordered by Homer Haynes (of Homer & Jethro fame). January 19 /// Charlotte, NC /// Neighborhood Theatre And catch Rawlings and Welch on tour now. The Olympic, Crestwood, Coronet and Wilshire guitars are often confused with the ET-Series, which were a Japanese-made amalgamation of the older Epiphone body shapes and designs. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. $75.00 shipping. The Epiphone Masterbilt Olympic Acoustic-Electric Guitar comes with a limited lifetime guarantee and world-renown 24/7/365 Gibson Customer Service. He put this giant D’Angelico in my hands and said, “You know, maybe this can be your new style?”. The banjo that I play now is a Whyte Laydie. We’ve seen it accompany Rawlings as much as his music partner Gillian Welch does, which is to say, always. 30 watching. $5,395.00. Catch Rawlings (and the D’Angelico) in 2017-2018 during his “An Evening With David Rawlings” tour dates: November 24 /// Hartford, CT /// Infinity Hall I looked for 20 years to try to find a banjo [like that] and I didn’t really even play [banjo] at the time! January 25 /// Atlanta, GA /// Variety Playhouse You could describe the Olympic as the most basic model, but we don’t mean that in a derogatory sense, because that’s the way Epiphone made Olympics back in the 30s. Ending Dec 8 at 6:24AM PST 9d 18h. I think the top-of-the-line is this thing, which is in Excel but made similar to Johnny Smith’s. [Ranger Doug] had it at George Gruhn’s but it wasn’t ever really listed. His signature guitar tone for many, many years has been that of his 1935 Olympic, with its sweet and melodic single note presence. January 24 /// Birmingham, AL /// The Lyric Theatre Sometimes I start to think I’m crazy – did [an instrument] really sound a particular way or am I just misremembering? Rawlings purchased the guitar from Gruhn Guitars (between Homer and Rawlings, the guitar was owned by legendary archtop collector Ranger Doug). The Olympic … David Rawlings: It’s a 1959 D’Angelico Excel. Masterbilt Olympic. January 23 /// Nashville, TN /// Ryman Auditorium Get four issues of the keepsake Fretboard Journal for just $44. Epiphone offers three different Masterbilt Century archtop models—the Olympic, Zenith, and De Luxe—and the Zenith and De Luxe models are available in a choice of either f-hole or round hole versions, while the Olympic is only available with f-holes. Milkman Sound Half-Pint Head and 1x12 Cab. Different strings? I thought it would be a good complement to my little Epiphone. To be honest, part of the reason I wanted this guitar is to have something that’s an archtop but that is easier to play and is a little more useful as an accompaniment instrument when you’re writing songs.

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