Edgar Allan Poe (1809–49) was clearly influenced by The Tempest in his story ‘The Masque of the Red Death’. The Tempest takes concepts from the genre and interludes them with anti-masques concerning passion, disruption of hierarchy, and murder. The Tempest challenges its readers and spectators to respond thoughtfully and feelingly to its complex representation of the world, to judge without sentimentality and to empathize with those we judge. TSOncharg'mSthi W smaterial ^sPonsibleforitsreturntothelibrarj isre- libraryfrom whichitwaswithdrawnonorbefore the LatestDatestampedbelow. Perhaps the most magnificent use of music in The Tempest is that which introduces and informs the masque that Prospero produces as a wedding blessing for Ferdinand and Miranda. Elements Of Masque In The Tempest Discuss the elements of Masque present in The Tempest and the extent to which the play might be considered to be a Masque. The Tempest and Use of the Masque Genre Anonymous College During the 16th century, the court masque was a popular form of entertainment, one often used to celebrate the king and aristocracy. He describes how, when a plague is affecting the country, Prince Prospero invites his friends to come to his isolated castle to enjoy themselves until the plague is over. As part of the entertainment, he plans a masked ball. The Tempest was written in the earrly Stuart period in England when masques were becoming exceedingly popular, and were often performed at weddings to honour marriages. First and most obviously, is the visual spectacle of … The play didn’t just contain the typical elements of song, poetry, and dance, but constantly referenced the concept of the court masque within the body of its own action. Shakespeare's greatest contribution to the genre was his play The Tempest , which masterfully wove the elements of the popular masque right into the fabric of the plot. The song “Honour, riches, marriage, blessing” (IV, i, 106) looks forward to the happy union of the couple. The Tempest is heavily influenced by elements of the masque, and … The Tempest, performed at court during the same time as famous masque plays, is masque-like in many ways. Shakespeare integrated the elements of the masque right into the story of The Tempest.

elements of masque in the tempest

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