Read our Terms of Use and Disclosures page for more information. The former is an ideal all-around solution for your home and consists of 11 different collections from COREtec One to the aptly named COREtec Plus XL Enhanced. All products are designed in the US and manufactured in China. And this is probably the most frustrating part of the research as I always have to pull out the extreme and histrionic info that tends to be misleading. There are two broad collections of COREtec vinyl plank flooring: Plus and Pro Plus. I love the look of the flooring but wish I had not gone with it because if one walks on it in bare feet, footprints are left all over the floor. Any chance the Coretec Plus floor could be used in a garage? Someone drug the cooler over a little way and that tiny tiny shard of rock scratched our floor. We really loved it, so hopefully when it’s installed next week, we won’t run into any problems. Which CoreTec did you use. I am right now in the process of having this product installed as I am typing this. Anyone familiar with Nicole flooring? The sales rep at the store said no, and I can’t find any definitive answers online. The installer has done my Kitchen so far, just a word of caution, THIS STUFF SCRATCHES EASILY. Dolores…. considering coretec over our tiled floors throughout home. At least 12 inches but not consistently 12 inches for adjoining boards. want something that will not collect dirt. I’m assuming your sump pump malfunction isn’t that frequent an occurrence… There is no flooring that will prevent mold if there are areas that are constantly wet…. Seriously?!!!!! The installation will be more difficult because you have smaller planks at 4x26 inches, thus many more to handle. There are 6 lines of planks and tiles. This product uses a new mineral core technology that offers matte and polished stone resemblances for a fraction of the cost. You mention other products looking as good as the Coretec HD line. The collections currently come in 14 different wood look designs (oak and hickory) in a range of colors including deep browns, grays, tans and creams; and some 26 different stone designs including, somewhat oddly, a couple of designs that look more like distressed wood (perhaps they are meant to be fossilized?). He did leave us some full size samples the other day so we could walk on it to get a feel. Maybe it’s because those floors were installed the proper way, and within the proper environmental and recommended structural supports. Stylish appearance of COREtec and toughens it up for high traffic residential, or even commercial use. We are planning new floors and are very interested in the CORETEC Plus XL Enhanced product line. COREtec Pro – Galaxy The COREtec Galaxy collection was the first Pro series that was produced by COREtec, to offer a … They each list the kind of install method with the specific product you choose. It comes in a variety of color designs and only one nominal dimension. Do you need pads under couches, chairs ect? Which CORETec Plus line (XL or HD) has the most embossed/distressed feel? Add this to your home or business for a beautiful upgrade. I will be looking for your reply. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The flooring is not cold, like tile….does not fade and easily scratch, like wood… doesn’t sound loud and hollow, like old laminate planks. Biggest problem is mold and mildew – if water gets under the floor, it should be pulled up to allow everything to dry, then it can be laid back down. I’m going to purchase the 1/2″ Coretec Plus Premium 9″ planks. Stylish appearance of COREtec and toughens it up for high traffic residential, or even commercial use. I am getting LVP throughout the house and the ceramic tile will be coming up and I will be getting my dishwasher. I am thinking about getting the 28 mm wear layer. It should be dried thoroughly, but it should not warp. my home has wood flooring from the 50’s, its in great shape, just dont like the coloring and size of planks. Not a good choice with dogs due to unbelievable scratches. COREtec Pro Plus spc - 7"x 48"x 5 mm 20 mil VV017- 28.84 sf/ct ret $2.99. Is this a mistake or does it need to be glued down or what? The tires will be really hot when you come home from a summer drive …. The other COREtec collection new for 2020 is the One Plus. Have had very expensive hard wood floors. On the whole, those customers that have had a negative experience with the product have also agreed that the product was badly installed in the first place. I find it hard to use swiffer or other such items. All new flooring needs a really good sub floor beneath it, flat and level with no movement. But, folks… when it comes to floors, isn’t everything subject to scratches? After, 20 years of real wood, it is hard to like vinyl planks, no matter the quality. We also certainly like the look of the COREtec One Plus collection, but as it is so recent to the market, we don’t have enough data to tell you how well it performs over time. It comes in a variety of color designs and only one nominal dimension. Comments like, “don’t do it,… don’t buy it,… horrible, worst product, etc., are useless and typically unbalanced, especially when you know there are people who have this same product who find the opposite to be true. To keep your COREtec floor looking its best here are our top tips: Now let’s take a closer look and review the different product lines in the COREtec flooring range: This is the main collection of COREtec products for regular residential use. I’ve ALMOST decided on the HD line but I’m not 100% sold. Read USFloors® Declaration on Phthalates. A concern for me is the fake grout lines…. The planks measure 7.20” x 48.03” x … What is the cause of it? Thanks, My laminate flooring was not this bad about spotting!! There is a a range of opinions. are you happy with it or wish you’d done something different? We are trying to ensure the best sound-proofing we can get, with the constraints we have. You may also be interested in our core vinyl flooring guides. We are curently researching many different brands of waterproof flooring to replace what we currently have in our home. … even tile if you angle something sharp and heavy on it and drag it across the surface. My biggest fear is easily chippable corners. More recently USFloors was acquired by the Shaw Industries Group (aka Shaw Floors) and has developed into a key player in the flooring market, offering a large range of flooring products for both commercial and residential use. Judy, did you figure out what the problem was that made the crinkly sound? The contractor that we are dealing with is going to take it out and install something different. I would like to know how cover tec plus will hold up against dog getting core tec installed soon. Herringbone employs COREtec Plus technology but with an eye towards traditional herringbone styling. We just purchased the Coretec Plus this morning in “black walnut” for our living room/kitchen. COREtec One products are currently priced at $5.45 per square foot.

coretec plus vs coretec pro plus

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