im giving up trying everything to put words on my plaques , ive got a plaque to make an nothing else works at all I don’t wana keep spending out now im gutted..i need to put treatment room on a white spray painted (matt)..would this work?? Hope that helps! My suggestion would be to try it on a scrap piece of wood, but I think a spray shellac would work best. You can find the directions here. So i can use it to. I’m trying to do something similar to this, except I’m trying to transfer an image onto a white pillar candle. I am not familiar with Crystal Clear, is it food safe? You should be able to increase the size with this option. . I don’t think you would be able to see it? I’ll be sure to look for you at CL in a few weeks. Yo stumbledupon ella;) Yo revisitar una vez más ya que tengo marcada guardado como favorito ella. Do you think you could transfer on a canvas with this method? Michelle, I don’t know how well it work on a shiny surface? You should be able to burnish your picture onto the surface with the back of a spoon or credit card. I have heard of people transferring a print using Mod Podge. Thanks for sharing!! Yes it should still work on a painted surface, as long as the paint isn’t too glossy. Thanks for the info! I used a graphic from The Graphics Fairy…she has the BEST blog!! Double check your weeded design to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Hopefully that will help! And, will it be washable? Stacy, it all depends on the fabric. help? Your shirt can shrink but the vinyl design won’t causing puckering. Will it work on fabric if you use a color image? If the pick is plastic, I’m not sure if this will stay permanently. She does a great job of explaining the process- even though […], […] that are substantially easier than the way I do it (check out an awesome wax paper transfer method here). If you want to produce items with multiple colors, then the iron on transfer paper is your best bet. Seeing that I have an addictive personality….I’m gonna do this to EVERYTHING in the house!! I love the French look of the font on this one, especially, but I think your fish camp sign is my all time fav!! I figured this out after cutting out too many pieces of wax paper only to have them jam. Unexpected Elegance has a tutorial showing you how easy that […], […] came across this awesome tutorial on Pinterest on how to transfer images using wax paper and was pumped to try it with this project. The wood didn’t have any finish on it, so I’m not sure if it has a finish how it will hold up. Dana, I’m not sure why it’s so light? I was hoping to test out this method for some DIY wedding invitations. Who knew that instead of going out to buy 5 sheets of transfer paper at an expensive price, that I could use wax paper (which actually looks so much better than store bought transfer paper!). Where millions of other people are putting in money in hopes of winning the big one. Can this technique be used to make shirts as well, Will it work on glass ( like the glass thats in a picture frame ). Is it washable? thanks so much! . You don’t want to print on the paper side. Hmm it appears like your site ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I haven’t tried freezer paper, but it might work just as good or better since it’s thicker. I was suggested this website via my cousin. That looks so good. I need to update my post. help me!!! I’ve never seen this before and am pretty excited now to try it out! I’ve printed on fabric before and I taped the fabric to a piece card stock to stabilize it. Brenda, I have used it on painted metal and even a drop cloth so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work on a canvas?!? THANK YOU!!! Do you have to use a printer? would the words be clear enough? Isn’t it just wax paper? Emma, If the pick is made of wood, once it dries it shouldn’t come off. Parchment Paper (not to be confused with wax paper or butcher paper which will melt!) is this safe to eat off and wash or is it just to look pretty? If the paper is not flat, it might not work well? Printed on the wax paper – and then placed it face down on the piece I transferred to, taped the corners so it wouldn’t shift around, rubbed with a large spoon and then lifted it up to check – MAGIC..that was so much easier than any other transfer method by far!! It's time to get ready for summer....and vinyl is the newest "in" thing! Theres a better way…use regular printer paper…reverse the image before you print (print options) Place paper on wood or what ever you want image on. You can find the directions here. If you don’t do this step two things can happen. I had actually started working on a post a few months ago about using this technique on fabric. It took a while to get it printed on the wax paper without it coming out of the printer smudged. I would love to try this. Thanks again!!! It is about 4″ round. IT WORKED FANTASTICALLY. I only use mine for internet and generally stay away from even typing on it! You are a clever lady, Angela. You’re clearly doing something very wrong!!! My only suggestion would be to do a test run. If you used a chalk paint over the glass first, this method would work, though. . Girl! My available space is 18′ tall x 24″ wide. I had misplaced the tutorial I previously had for a transfer- this is easier. Thanks for the great instructions!!!! Since walnut is a dark wood if I do my transfer in white will it work? Check out the tutorial for Wax Paper Transfers at Unexpected Elegance then grab your pallet plank, or any other type of wood you want to […], […] I knew I wanted some fun graphics on top of these using this technique, and the black wasn’t going to show up as boldly as I wanted to on the semi-dark […], […] names with a pencil in your best handwriting. With a bit of research on sealants, I’m sure one can be found that would make the board usable for food (dicing, kneading, etc.). ~Angela. I have an Epson and to print on non-Epson paper (like transparancies) I had to use cut up zip ties to lift the rollers out of the way so they would not touch the paper. My sister said she uses a tea towel instead of parchment paper and she has to repeat the heat process a few times. It’s an HP Deskjet 1000. YOU are Awesome!! Thanks – having these instructions all in one place is wonderful! Thankyou. . TIP:  I found that if you wet the wood a little, it would make the transfer darker. The wax paper should be waxy on both sides, but if for some reason yours has one side that is slicker, I would use that side. Sorry, I’m not more help! I am making a cribage board out of a piece that was cut off a walnut tree. Great idea. Crafty Hugs, Pendra You were certainly right, I dampened my t-shirt with the water from the iron before putting the picture on and it came out very clear and very detailed!!! Thanks for the idea! I tried this method to make a tray for a friend’s wedding…. Christa, I haven’t tried it on a laser but I’ve read some comments that say it doesn’t work. Thanks for sharing at WOW. Wax paper continuously got jammed in my printer. it totally worked. . I found you on Pinterest and have repinned this to my Crafts and DIY board. Lexy, I think it would work. Hopefully it will work for you! Have you ever tried to use scrapbook velum? My suggestion would be to try a spray sealer and just do really light coats? Hi Angela, Is this Pizza tray still usable? Have you any suggestions as what to use, wax , varnish etc x, Gillian, sorry I am just seeing your comment!! Really want to give it a try! Thanks for the directions though. I found you on pinterest and knew I would use this idea for a classroom auction project. I just followed the directions exactly. Here are the two sides of the board, the first one is without getting the board wet and the second one is damp. I have tried this about 12 times and was only successful twice. I was so happy to see your comment…it made my day! I’m not sure about fabric? Thanks, Beth! I have a really cheap one! Perfect! You will have to work quickly, but once you set the wax paper down you CAN NOT move it. I’ve used a similar method to transfer news paper print to a nail ,, wonder soaking the wood (surface) would help to minimize the smearing. Does this mean you cant make the transfer ahead of time and store them? I think both sides of your board look nice. Hopefully that will help you!? I have been loving image transfer forever and since Polaroid no longer makes my beloved 669 (and there are just NO substitutes ), i’ve been playing with different transfer techniques. Sorry, I’m not much help! It’s need something to hold onto. Good luck! There was a person that commented on here to spray adhesive on a regular blank sheet of paper and paste the wax paper onto it…then cut the edges to make it even with the paper width. . Hope that helped! I have tried brushing lightly with Polycrylic over the top and that smeared my ink and I have wax, but I know rubbing wax over the top will for sure smear the ink.

can you use wax paper for heat transfer vinyl

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