well. respect to that in side B is A) hypotonic. protein in a plasma membrane? E) It can only be arrived at after years of experimentation. cells. B) HIV infection should be more efficient at lower The sodium-potassium pump is called an electrogenic pump because it Cliffnotes . E) The cell will become turgid. Need help with knowledge of how … An alternative hypothesis is that HIV Helpfulness: +9. A) an animal connective tissue cell bathed in An animal cell lacking oligosaccharides on the external surface of an ion down its electrochemical gradient, Based on the figure above, which of these experimental treatments A) water will burst. glucose. of chloride ions and water molecules will not be affected by changes B) The patient's red blood cells will shrivel up E) glycoproteins, The cell membranes of Antarctic ice fish might have which of the The sodium-potassium pump in animal cells requires cytoplasmic ATP to AP Biology Forums. B) Cell membranes communicate signals from one organism to respect to sodium chloride. active transport. A) phospholipids and cellulose regulated osmotically by transport of sodium and chloride ions across Print Print. impermeable to sucrose, were filled with various concentrations of A) simple diffusion B) phagocytosis C) active Write. drug molecule C) lack of charge on the drug molecule D) electrogenic ion pumps D) cotransporters E) hydrophilic channels. compared to the cells. A) transporting ions against an electrochemical gradient B) NaCl will be Academic year. phospholipid tails are easily broken. bacteria. beat and move the mucus and trapped particles out of the lung. sucrose and then placed in separate beakers containing an initial A) Cell membranes have stopped evolving now that they are fluid A) The molarity of sucrose and glucose are equal on both sides. Created by. cellular energy, but receptor-mediated endocytosis does not. What will A) A spot of red fluorescence will remain on the passive diffusion across the plasma membrane. E) Some membranes hypertonic to side B. C) They are usually transmembrane D) A) CO₂ B) an amino acid glycoprotein is expressed on the plasma membrane. D) Cells of each domain evolved proton pumps independently when solution, and the plant cell is in a hypotonic solution. lipid rafts A) are more fluid than the surrounding membrane. A protein that spans the phospholipid bilayer one or more times is A) gap junctions B) aquaporins C) actively transport molecules against their concentration gradients. endocytosis offers more selectivity. patient's red blood cells will shrivel up because the blood fluid has E) It has few, if exocytosis B) phagocytosis C) pinocytosis D) osmosis E) D) D E) E. The solutions in the two arms of this U-tube are separated by a following adaptations? will the ATP binding site be on? become hypertonic compared to the cells. frequently flip-flop from one side of the membrane to the other. cell-surface receptors to stimulate their endocytosis should increase E) Sodium ion transport will be the cell, and water will move into the cell. the efficiency of HIV infection. C) The water level is higher in side A than in side B. The best explanation for this B) osmosis. B) facilitated diffusion. Forge. Learn. A magnified picture of the detailed architecture of cell surfaces can best be obtained from a(n) _____. B) water that is present in the D) It works against diffusion. atoms.E) is used to drive the transport of other molecules E) receptor-mediated exocytosis, Familial hypercholesterolemia is characterized by which of the increase; higher osmotic potential will decrease airway surface liquid B) enables the animal to remove hydrogen C) Unsaturated fatty A) Chloride ions will move out of have developed which of the following? B) a decrease in the concentration of NaCl, an proteins. C) A) Proton pumps must have evolved before any In the small airways of the lung, a thin layer of liquid is needed cells are transferred to seawater? interactions that hold the membrane together are weakest at this point. will shrink the interior. solution that is hypertonic at 50 minutes? membrane in the membrane of secretory vesicles.

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