The name is a very popular name in the South of India. Tamil Baby Boy Names | ஆண் குழந்தை பெயர்கள் | Tamil Names For Boys | Starting Letter | Boys Names Tamil |, provides modern unique hindu baby names for boys and top trending indian names with starting letter . 60 Meaningful Vruschika Rashi (Scorpio) Baby Names for Boys and Girls! 6. It indicates the beginning of something new as if something new has taken birth in this earth to bring about a change for the sake of all. 4. In Tamil customs, the baby naming ceremony is all about whispering the name of the baby three times in baby's ear by each and every relative and friend present at the ceremony. First one on this list is Aariz, which means “respectable man”. The meaning of this name is “gem of Yaalpaanam”. The name is quite popular in Tamil Naduand can be said to be a huge success in recent years, though it is a pretty traditional name for your baby boy. The name means ‘consciousness’ and has been in use since a very long time. The Lord has ample devotees. The name means “powerful, noble, etc.”. Chil naming ceremony holds great importance for the family and the new born as on this day, the individual gets a unique identity. Another reference to Lord, the Lord Murugan is one of the most popular names in Tamil Nadu. Jaya means ‘victorious’. Chaitan is a popular name now. 9. Giri means ‘mountain’. The name is quite frequently used and is really good if you judge on the basis of pronunciation. For your daughter, there could be no better classic name you could think of. Maha also means gazelle. It is so good when you compare a child with a season that is so beautiful by itself. Girija is a name that is in rounds for a long time now. Type your "starting letter" or "meaning" in the search box to get filtered answers. This name will be a cute name for your handsome boy. The term Akshi defines “eyes”. This is a very beautiful new baby name in Tamil. Baby naming ceremony or Thottil ceremony in Tamil is a very special ceremony. The name means ‘national boy’ and it also has a religious reference to Lord Vishnu. Here is another newborn baby name in Tamil. The meaning of the name Rohin is “rising”. There are not many names in Tamil that starts with a “W”. Prajina means ‘wisdom’. This is an authentic Tamil name for your baby girl. Uthaman is someone who is ‘truthful’. The former means clouds and Medha means intellect and is also another name for Goddess Saraswati. The meaning of this name is “first power”. Bhavika may not be a pure Tamil name, but it sure is a modern Tamil name. It is very popular in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. This is one of the best ways to name a Tamil baby boy. Among Hindus, the Tamil baby names is often chosen to start with the first letter of the baby’s nakshatra. Thangamani: Thangamani is a very traditional unisex name in Tamil. For the little delicate cute baby, your daughter is, Sayuri will be a good name to give her. She is the daughter of actor Karthik and Ranjani. Lalit means ‘beautiful’. As a unisex name, it is often combined with other names to indicate the gender of the person. It means ‘mother of Lord Krishna’, ‘like an angel’ and also ‘little Goddess’. Aadit and Adheep are the two sons of the very famous actor Simran. Eashan is newborn baby name in Tamil and symbolizes both Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Both the names mean ‘light’. The name is a perfect feminine and classy name for you to think about for your daughter. Tamil parents are also known to be extra careful and choosy when having to name their babies. This is a religious name for a Tamil baby. The name is unique and could be a beautiful choice for your baby. Venba is a form of the classical poetry of Tamil. It is sweet. Aarya means powerful and noble. It is a popular name for baby boys, which refers to Lord Krishna. The meaning of the name Arjun is “confidence and power”. The names are the daughters of the superstar of Kollywood, Rajnikanth. It is the name of the versatile actor R. Madhavan. It means ‘Lord of the Sea’. It is actually one of the best names for Tamil boys out there. Hrdika: This means friendship. Rajah will be suitable for almost any Tamil baby boy out there. This is one of the best baby names in Tamil. The name is so beautiful that all the family members will appreciate thisname. Name your girl child this so that she is always bold and fearless. However, there is this one. Madhi has two meanings, one is ‘moon’, and the other is ‘brilliant’.

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