The handle is Scottish stag antler, with a brass, G10 and Camelthorn spacer setup in the front and textured brass pommel and bolster, This beautiful big chefs knife has textured and etched flats with a brushed finish on the bevels - the handle is made out of stabilised Dark Chestnut, stabilised Maple Burr and brass. Stunning Sgian Dubh kilt knife with Bocote, brass and black G10 handle. Available 11 1/2" GYUTO WITH ELFORYN SCALES 295£ K-Tip Gyuto with Faux ivory ferrule, copper spacer and pin and a stabilised Poplar Burl handle. Etched black blade with textured flats and textured brass inlay. I make bespoke knives for bushcraft, kitchen, utility and hunting. Show More 11 1/2" GYUTO WITH ELFORYN SCALES 350£ Available. Stabilised and dyed Poplar burr handle with top grade Ebony bolster and black G10 spacer and pin, An 01 tool steel kiridashi with textured and etched front flat, satin brushed front bevel and rear flat compliment the electric colours of the resin handle with its conductive copper bolster. Two black spacers with pearlescent white swirls throughout. A close up of the previous photo. Boasting a highly polished textured brass bolster and pommel, this stag antler handled kilt knife is ready to make a statement, Embracing the nordic theme, this Sgian dubh kilt knife has custom engravings on the pommel and nordic rune engravings on the bolster. 80Crv2 steel with differential heat treatment, This stunning purple and white resin handled petty knife has a differential heat treatment with antiquated blade, This custom ordered harpoon point hunting and outdoors knife features a 1095 differentially hardened blade, 401 stainless bolster and hammer pommel. All wedged in place with two brass pins. Made from 1095 textured and acid etched steel, this camping knife is clad with a Scottish stag antler handle with textured aviation grade aluminium bolster and pommel. This one consisted of locally sourced Scottish stag antler, Bolivian Rosewood and aviation grade textured aluminium for the handle and a 1070Cr blade with brushed satin bevels and textured flats. Damascus, Lava resin, aggressive grinds, a fuller and lots of different textures - this Kiridashi has it all. Curvy One of the most colourful knives I have made to date. Etched blade finishes with textured ricasso’s and matching display boxes - The ultimate gifts! Gemini Bespoke Knives Ltd., 11/2 Eldin Industrial Estate, Loanhead EH20 9QX, United Kingdom, upcycling, recycling and environmental footprint. 8" CURVED KIRITSUKE 210£ Available The handle was a multicoloured resin with stabilised Maple burr and brass bolster, This kitchen paring knife has an 80Crv2 blade with acid washed finish and textured ricasso. Get in touch today to purchase one of these stunning clamps, This 1095 steel kiridashi craft knife is the ultimate kitchen or craft helper. From start to finish, every piece of each knife is made entirely by hand. HARPOON POINT CHEF 280£ Available. For all the little things that come your way, having the best camping knife on hand will guarantee you’re able to face it. click on the images to learn more about each knife. Japanese styling throughout with aggressive full flat ground, satin finished bevels, 80Crv2 Steel blade with fine brushed satin finish and textured ricasso. Stunning locally sourced Cherry wood handle with textured brass bolster and pins. This email address is being protected from spambots. Locally sourced Scottish stag antler handle with textured and polished laminated brass and G10 bolster, textured pommel and polished pin - this 1095 steel Kiridashi knife is finished off with a mirror polish and textured face. Passionately crafted from some of the most exotic materials, designed entirely around your preferences and made completely in-house from as many locally sourced materials as possible. A functional, compact outdoor tool made for hunting and skinning, this fixed Damascus blade's been crafted entirely by hand. SIGNET RING MODEL A Fine brushed finish on the 01 tool steel blade, Bespoke leather work kiridashi with Stabilised and dyed burl spacer and Elm burl handle. Wenge wood, Bolivian Rosewood, and aviation grade aluminium handle sporting an all black acid etched blade, The second of five knives to be stocked in London kilt shop Kilts4All. everything that is for sale right now. A multi grind swedge adds to the overall beauty of this knife. Available Textured and semi polished flats with mirror polished bevels, luxurious Cocobolo pommel and guard and a thin golden strip of brass, this is a sleek and classy kilt knife. Stabilised Poplar burr handle with G10 and brass spacers and two brass pins, This 80Crv2 chefs knife compromises of an acid washed blade with full flat grinds. Working in my small workshop in the Midlands of the UK, I make each knife from scratch, from the finest materials I can source and to the highest standards of craftmanship. 8" CURVED KIRITSUKE 250£ Available. Black iron handles with polished brass screws to compliment the finish. Two polished brass pins and an 01 tool steel blade. 11 piece mechanical handle construction and ground swedges complete the knife, Bespoke Nelson knife - designed for use with one hand. Available, SIGNET RING MODEL T Cocobolo handle with textured and laminated copper and G10 guard and copper pin. GUN BARREL DAMASCUS WITH COPPER LINER Complete with a display box and a grey leather sheath to match the kilt. ACID ETCHED CAMELBONE HUNTER 150£ Available. With a Lava resin handle, copper spacer and copper pin - the handle is finished with a forged damascus bolster. Full flat grinds and polished micro bevel. Available All finished with textured blades, polished bevels, locally sourced Red Deer antler handles and leather sheaths. Three individually set Amethys stones in the pommels of the knives, all family heirlooms to be cherished forever. Boasting a range of beautiful colours, each one is hand forged. And so, we’ve edited a selection of blades to guarantee you’re equipped to take on anything at all. A versatile full tang camping knife with textured and etched flats, satin finished bevels and pressed Ram horn scales with a matching striker and fire flint. 24 Carat gold gilded makers mark and gun blued finish, An elegant addition to any kilt, this Elm Burl sgian dubh kilt knife has a textured and patinated bolster, brass inlay and 1070Cr blade with brushed satin bevels and textured flats. Matching fire rod, display box and military grade paracord lanyards create the ultimate camping set. With its forge welded 1095 & 15N20 Damascus steel blade, aviation grade aluminium bolster and pommel, alumiunium inlays and deep red leather sheath - this sgian dubh is a subtle, yet stunning addition to any kilt, This stunning hunting knife and Ferro rod set is clad in locally sourced Scottish stag antler. HARPOON POINT CHEF 200£ All completed with brass and paracord lanyards and a big display box. Custom ordered Cherry wood steak knife with etched 80rv2 steel blade, bronze bolster and pin, Two elegant antler handled steak knife wedding gifts - 80crv2 steel blades with satin brushed finish and textured flats. A true one of a kind outdoors knife, Blacked out blade with textured and etched finish, Black Palmalina wood handle and brass pins - this hunting/outdoors knife is one mean looking tool. This knife and fork combination is made with an 80Crv2 blade with textured and etched finish, multicoloured resin handle with polished aluminium pins and a stabilised and dyed Elm bolster, Japanese inspired kiridashi leatherwork knife with 01 tool steel blade with a fine brushed finish. Cocobolo scales with brass pins finish off this comfy, lightweight piece, With its 11 inch, 80Crv2 gun blued blade, forged steel S-Guard, collar and pommel and Scottish stag antler handle - this takedown bowie is elegant and striking. ACID ETCHED CAMELBONE HUNTER 120£ Hand forged from reclycled leaf spring, this 1095 drawknife is finished with mirror polished bevels and one of a kind hand turned Amazon Rosewood handles with polished brass end caps.

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