Looking for the best pomade? If you’re struggling with beard care, maintenance and styling, it’s time to consider using a beard straightener. Our Facial Hair Comb Selection Process. The ionic generator installed in the product emits negative ions to minimize frizz and help strengthen your beard hairs. All-in-all, I can highly recommend this beard straightener for all men who have beards of over 2″ in length (the ceramic bristles will be too long for shorter beards). If you need bang for your buck and a money-back guarantee, the Coolkesi Beard Heat Brush could be ideal. Beards / Grooming / Reviews / Styles. It sabotages the hair growth that can result in patchy chins. Whether you have a short or long beard, a quality straightener brush can take your beard to the next level with an extra clean, well-groomed look. The brush’s head is fairly small, meaning it can work all-around your face and reach the corners of your beard. Get the CNXUS Beard Straightener and you can feel confident using it on your face. Don’t get me wrong. The AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Hair Straightener is the best flat iron for beards. The advanced ionic technology emits negative oxygen ions to reduce frizz, tangles, split ends, and damage. The combs come in different sizes as well. Beard Straightening Comb - Best Beard Straightener (Hot Comb): Combining the functionality of a hairbrush with the power of heat, the Beard Straightening Comb restores your beard to masculine, groomed perfection in just 3 minutes. Wahl’s Beard Straightening Brush is a must-have item to complete your personal grooming experience at home! Medium combs are usually perfect for medium size beard. A beard straightening comb is a staple in grooming a manly mane. “At one point I had 25 to 50 million views,” Chastain says. Electric beard combs take the standard appearance of a comb, but with an electric handle that sends heat to the teeth so you can straighten your beard. If you’re short on time and don’t want to read through the whole review, we have good news for you. The comb’s anti-slip handle is shaped so that it fits comfortably in your hand. Cutting your own hair at home requires coordination, detail, and the right hair cutting tools. The brush has 5 heat settings: 300F, 340F, 380F, 410F, and 440F. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As a brand, Andis has been at the top of the professional barber and beauty industry for 80-years. The longer the size of the beard, the longer the comb it requires. We recommend that you only start considering heated beard straightener tools after your beard length reaches 2″+, it’s likely not even properly curling before that. I know the guys over at BeardClass work really hard to create good quality beard tools for men, and they were actually one of the first ones to enter the market with the now well-known beard shaping templates. The PTC heating technology and metal ceramic heater maximize heat distribution and flow. Unlike the usual plastic combs, a beard comb is made specifically to glide through the facial hair. Not suitable for short beards, you need at least 2 inches of facial hair for the ceramic plates to grip. We recommend starting at a medium setting for normal facial hair and increase to a higher setting for thick, coarse beards. Straightening iron is far more time consuming to use compared to a heated brush, and the risk of burning your beard is also considerably higher. Compared to the other beard straighteners on this list that’s about 1-3x the price for somewhat similar specs. You can straighten your beard and she can curly her hair. The Aberlite Beard Straightener is a high-quality styling product at a great price. Essentially, there are two sorts of electric tools that you can use if you want to straighten your beard: brushes and combs. Using a heat press comb would be dangerous as you would be pressing so close to the skin. It has short enough heat bristles to not scald your face when used on a shorter beard. This electric beard straightener comb comes standard with advanced PTC ceramic heating for quick and efficient energy distribution. If you want your coarse beard to look smooth and soft, the Iston Beard Straightener could be the perfect option for your needs. With so many heat settings, guys can truly find the right temperature when straightening their beards. I would go with the XNXCUS heat brush. What sets it apart from many of its competitors is the MCH (metal ceramic heater) heating technology, which can be superior to PTC in terms of heat, speed, and consistency. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. This is engineered by placing heated teeth in between normal, longer teeth. Fortunately, you’ll always be able to see the temperature you’ve picked on the small LCD screen. This is a straightening comb that looks like a brush at first glance, because of its design; the handle is easy to grip, just as a brush would be, but the stiff “bristles” are more like the ones you’d find on a comb. Beard straightener brushes etc can really get rid of the beard curls and actually make your beard super straight. It has a total of 20 different heat settings to suit all beard types. Another feature is the sunken power button and automatic shut-off after 30 minutes. The beard straighteners we will be listing below are all relatively cheap and come with good value in terms of quality. To this date, his articles have been read more than 15-million times on various sites, and he has helped thousands of men make their beards look better and grow thicker. COMPATIBLE WITH DIFFERENT HAIR TYPES. This can be a bit hot for some bearded men, particularly those with thin/fine facial hair, but guys with thick, long beards will be able to withstand the heat. What makes the flat iron straighteners so slow to use is the fact that you have to take a few beard hairs on your hand, put them in between the plates, run it through, find another bunch of hair, and repeat the process multiple times over. ↓. Yes, absolutely. With five temperature settings, including 250F, 280F, 320F, 350F and 390F, it’s suitable for all types of beard lengths. The anti-scald design also minimizes the risk of burning yourself. It’s lightweight and compact, and amazing for guys with shorter beards. It’s easy to use and has a large surface area to work well with bigger beards. Similarly, find a straightening tool that has multiple heat settings. Our rating process was pretty straight forward. I would go with the cordless USB beard straightening brush mentioned as #5 above. It’s sturdy and very well put together. This product too – is a professional use heat comb – sold for home use. If you don’t wish to use any of the electric beard heat tools (understandable), you may try the classic method of getting a shower, applying beard oil and balm, and then combing your beard down while simultaneously blow drying it. There’s a 360° swivel-cord which makes your life easier, and it takes about a minute to heat up as well, which ain’t bad at all. Easy to handle and lightweight, the power cord is attached through a 360-degree swivel. A heated comb of course. Moreover, the auto-off safety feature, which automatically turns off the comb after an hour, is practical. You could also try a keratin-bond breaking beard relaxing cream, which is extremely effective for straightening a curly beard, but also the most damaging option of them all (and definitely not recommended by us). It also heats up faster than the competitors; in just 40 seconds, if you’re really in an insane rush (in which case you probably shouldn’t be straightening your beard). And if your beard isn’t a giant bushy thing, then you should look into getting a smaller, shorter, more compact tool for facial hair straightening…. Using The Beard Straightener Comb is the ultimate advantage in a world of average beards. How to Straighten Your Beard With Beard Straightener If you have a truly wild mane that resists every attempt you make to tame it; you might have to turn up the heat. For one, it’s efficient and fast working, heating up to your desired temperature in a minute. The plastic buffers between the teeth prevent contact with your skin to avoid burning, while also minimizing the chances you actually damage your beard. Social Media Links Let’s say you have a short 1-inch beard; it would be useless to try and straighten that with a straightening iron (as there wouldn’t be enough facial hair to put in between the plates). You can also find this brush from Amazon for around 20-60 bucks. If you’d ask how it compares to other heat combs, I’d say it’s the best one out there in its own niche. This thing has all the perks of a bigger beard straightening brush, but is specially designed for guys with shorter beards. If your beard is on the short and thin side, you may want to consider using a heated comb. The tangle-free swivel cord is incredibly convenient when maneuvering around. I would say that it’s almost comparable to the Aberlite one, and if you have seen any of the Beard Tubes videos on YouTube, you have probably seen the one where he compared a $100 “Kuschelbar” straightening brush to this one (which is 3x cheaper) and found this to be far superior.

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